The Birth

The Birth

Hi all

This is a note that I'm sending to all contributors of my "Name that 
baby" page.  Thanks for all your contributions.

Well, it's born!

Mother and baby are well.

Baby was rather large - almost 9 pounds.

Baby is a boy.

Baby was 57cm long.

Baby scored 9/10 (an HD) on its Agpar test - a good sign.

Now to the name:

Elliot Samuel Latham

Well, no-one suggested Elliot - but we had one suggestion of Samuel 
from "ahinder".

Now, if you'd like to get taken off this list please let me know 
because it's going to become the What's the Baby Up to Now email 
list - so you'll get to hear of the first words, steps, the meeting 
with the dogs etc.

Feel free to send along any congratulations - I'll pass them on to 
mum (she's in hospital probably till Friday - it was probaby the 18 
hours of labour then the Caesarian that did it).



PS Remember - if you want out of the continuing baby banter, don't forget to 
drop me a line (I won't be offended!).

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