I can stand

I can stand

Hi everyone

Yep, I can stand.

Yesterday was Standing Day 1.

At the minute, that's about all I'm up to - but I can often stand for 
almost a minute.  I'm putting all my efforts into this since I want 
to be able to do it properly.  Eventually I hope to be able to stand 
for about 2-3 minutes, but I guess that'll be a year or so off (it took 
me 10 months to stand and the learning curve is quite steep).

I get clapped when I stand.

I clapped Daddy when he stood this morning, but he didn't seem to 
understand (it was a special moment since most of the time his 
natural inclination is 0 degrees).

Standing is a good thing - you can actually see further from way up 

I've also indulged myself in a little bit of stretching.  It's funny, 
because when I combine standing with stretching, not only can I see 
further, but I can also "get" further - just this morning I managed 
to get the remote controls for both the TV and the video.

I concentrated on getting the TV started first.  I know that I have 
to point the control at our TV altar and then randomly press buttons 
- if you get them in the right order, the TV comes on.  So I got the 
TV on and I got it on Sesame Street.  Then I managed to get the 
volume up.

It's funny.  Mummy likes to watch TV at about 25 on the volume control. 
Even though Daddy's hearing is better than Mummy's, Daddy likes to 
listen at 35.  Well, Baby Elliot likes to listen at about the 70 mark 
- it's a total surround sound effect.  Unfortunately, Mummy 
confiscated the control and poor Ernie was reduced to a diminutive 25 
and then Daddy ensured that the video came into play (last night's 
Ned and Stacey and Seinfield) at a more respectable 35.

Babies should be allowed to watch their programs too.  I don't get 
much respect.  Daddy raised this issue on my behalf the other day - 
he actually said that I've begun to watch some programs (Donald Duck 
is a favourite).  But Mummy said that up until 1 or 2 weeks ago my 
favourite program was the Channel 9 logo and that I'm just as happy 
watching ads.  I think it's all a bit unfair - that logo is very well 
designed and they use the stereo to full effect - Mummy sometimes 
misses the points.  Also, I'll admit that my attention often wanders 
so that an ad is probably about the right concentration span for me.  
Moreover, many ads are written very well, with supporting music and 
video effects - I just have way too much to do to sit in front of the TV 
for a full half hour.  I am a very busy baby.

I went to my first party on the weekend.  It was a 3 year old kid 
from my Church.  He's not the greatest friend (he never calls), but 
he's fairly outgoing and he knows a lot of words.  I'm trying to 
teach him the words "cigarette" and "beer" since I reckon with his 
command of the English language, his next party could be really good.

There was quite a nice girl at the party.  I was really getting 
somewhere with her, but just then she had to go and get changed.  I 
guess that's one of the problems of being a baby - I wish I didn't 
have to poo my pants (not that sometimes I don't enjoy it a little), 
but it would lead to many fewer socially awkward times.  In contrast, 
Daddy likes to say that he wishes they'd make nappies for grown ups 
so that he could spend longer uninterrupted time on the computer.

Overall, the party was the best I'd been too, but when musical chairs 
was being played, there was no Pavement (my favourite alternative 
band) or other hip band - just some scratchy nursery rhyme song - I 
refused to participate at least until they caught up with the late 
80's and I learn to walk.  Not to mention the Pinyata (?) fiasco - I was 
not allowed anywhere near it with my broken chair leg - we were meant 
to hit it with a light duster (as if that was going to work).

Well, I'd better get going before Daddy wants the computer again.

Bye bye

Standing Elliot

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