Almost 1

Almost 1

Hi everyone

Just a note to say thanks for the last year and I hope that we have 
some more to come.

Today I'm 0, but tomorrow I'll be someone - tomorrow I'll be one!

The pressure is quite high, since I've been watching a lot of the 
more mature 1 year olds at day care - these kids can walk AND talk - 
often simultaneously.  I'll also be able to whinge and whine using 
words - now that will be just great....

In a moment of reflection, I'll recount some of my more important feats 
of the past year:

1.  learning to use the remote control (I now can turn on the tele, 
    change channel and, of course, increase the volume to considerable 
2.  learning that I can make far older children cry by taking their 
    toys from them.
3.  learning that just because my cousin Hadley has put a piece of 
    toast in his mouth and is chewing on it, it's never too late to 
    retrieve it (Young Hadley doesn't have teeth yet)
4.  learning that fingers need to be taken out of the way before 
    slamming kitchen/bathroom drawers
5.  completing complicated "salt art" on the lounge room carpet
6.  a fall may be turned into a cry or a giggle, depending 
    on the surrounding circumstances and the reaction of onlookers
7.  an ear-piercing squeal or a smelly nappy at the right moment will clear 
    a room
8.  the "toe stretch" should never be forgotten when retrieving valuable "toys" 
    from daddy's desk
9.  a swift quiet baby will discover more household equipment than a 
    noisy slow one
10. once you've climbed onto most coffee tables, it's only a few quick 
    crawls to the chocolate cake
11. once a piece of chocalate cake is licked, sneezed on or dribbled on, 
    it's yours.
12. unwanted food should be quietly discarded over the side of the 
13. backwash is your friend when claiming that cup of Coke at 
14. nose wiping may only be stopped through intense wriggling and 

I'm sure that there are many other things I've learnt and forgotten 
to add to the list - but they're at least the main ones.

I'm planning to walk shortly (I took a couple of steps just the other 
day), but who's in a rush?  I'm not allowed to go out by myself and 
its far easier being carried....

Until next time,


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