Crass spammer

Crass spammer

Hi everyone

Just trying to get daddy and Roge off my back.  They've both been 
nominated for the Australian Internet Awards and keep harping on 
about it.

Dogworld (Roge's site) is  nominated under the categories of:

Arts & Entertainment
Innovative or Original Content

Neither of which seem the least bit applicable.  Sure, Roge has a 
mean drool, but I'd hardly say that it is the least bit 
entertaining or innovative.  I guess it could be classified as modern 

Daddy's tax site - Tax on Australia - is nominated in the tertiary 
education category.

Please vote for the sites by clicking on "Take Part" at the following URL:

Back to matters baby - the first birthday went by without too much 
trouble - I've added to my toy collection:

. a Tickling Elmo
. a train/car set
. a moving Tonka truck that truly terrifies me
. a Pooh bear
. a Big Bird car
. a Tommy Turtle bath friend (made of hard plastic so that I'll 
either break the bathroom tiles or shatter it as soon as I can launch 
it from the bath)

I did especially like the wrapping and boxes that the toys came in, 
but that was taken away and all I was left with was the unwrapped 
toys - very disappointing.

Almost didn't make it to my first party - the road to Sydney was 
blocked by snow (but was later reopened).

Yesterday, I "went over the top" - Mummy lost concentration and I 
dove off the back of the lounge - don't worry - the window broke my 
fall.  I was hoping for some permanent scarring (to scare the kiddies 
at the daycare centre), but I only managed some superficial scarring 
and a little blood loss.  Can't wait to do my first stage dive...  
(probably at a Wiggles concert)

I'll send a proper note shortly - so don't forget to vote....


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