Nothing much

Nothing much

Hi everyone

Now that I've matured, I've found that there are a lot more things to 
do with my life (as you might recall, I'm now > 1).

I'm starting to put together complex series of girgles, whirs, da's, 
ma's, volvo's and bubbles.  It's all quite strenuous, but I seem to 
get my message across reasonably well.

I've also learnt to have a temper.  I'm now able to emit ear-piercing 
squeals that only the bravest would ignore (at their own peril).  I 
often couple this with a "Bite Manoeuvre" - where I grab a relevant 
person's arm and gum it (I can't wait till my teeth grow longer).  Also 
useful, is the "Prone Manoeuvre" - just lying still pretending that 
you've died often gives the folks a bit of a scare.

Of course, I also have my lovable attributes - the lip-smacking 
goodbye kiss, the "I don't know" shrug and arm extension, the wave, the 
dummy pop, the body tense and shake with arms extended.  All these 
seem to keep people reasonably pleased.  Now, I only have to learn 
how to turn them into a full-time job (I'm thinking about following 
daddy into a university position).

I've been spending considerable time working out with Elmo - the 
constant lifting, throwing, stretching and gouging of little Elmo has 
proven a wonder in increasing my arm muscles....

Just yesterday, I was strapped into my pram at the shopping centre.  
You'd think that that would mean that I would be pretty shut off from 
the action - but, I found that with proper arm and body control, I could 
actually lift myself (and the whole pram) off the ground to an advantageous 
chip-packet-grabbing position.  Of course, Mummy (although surprised) 
nipped my show of strength in the bud (I hate being humiliated in public).

My first piece of artwork has been completed - comprising a very 
post-modern reconstructualist use of colour, light and movement.  
I definitely have been influenced by Winnie-the-Pooh artwork - 
my work being likened to early Picasso.  However, my favourite part 
of the art experience was the texture and taste of the paint.  I also quite 
liked the "Native American effect" that I was left with until 

One thing that I'm not doing is walking (who wants to walk, anyway?). 
I think that on my graduation, it'd be a very special thing to crawl up 
to the podium to accept my degree - it'd also mask any drinking problem 
that I might choose to get whilst at uni).


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