Too much

Too much

Hi everyone

I know that I only recently sent an email with nothing much in it - 
but I need to tell you five important bits of news.  In order of 
importance, they are:

1. Growth Spurt

I have become somewhat lanky.  I can now easily see over the top of 
Mum and Dad's bed.  I even tried to get into the bath myself, but I 
couldn't quite throw my leg over.

2. Free-walking

I have improved on standing - I can now take some slightly shaky 
steps - Mum and Dad are so pleased that I now regularly perform this 
task for visitors.  I'm not all that fussed - it hasn't actually 
extended my reach any further, although my increased lankiness means 
that CD's need to be moved that extra bit further away from the edge of a 

My first steps happened last Saturday.

3. I'm acrobatic

I now can quite easily pull myself onto chairs.  My favourite feat is 
to climb onto Daddy's office chair and then either jump or climb onto 
his desk - there are some pretty interesting things stored up there.  
From the chair I'm also able to operate the computer.

The toilet chair is one of my favourites - either you get to climb on 
it (when the lid is down) or you get to splash your fingers in it 
(when the lid is up).

4. My first nudey run

In keeping with my last note which mused about things I might do when 
I get to university - last Monday, I did my very first nudey run.  

Simply, I saw that a visitor had left the front door slightly ajar,  
Mummy had just readied me for my bath (ie. stripped me down to my 
bare bones), it was all up to me.  I made a run for the door 
(thinking I probably wouldn't make it), opened it, and I was gone - 
I made it across the verandah to the grass and was then captured.

I can't wait till I get to uni.

5. My first French kiss

My Mum is friends with Maddy's mum.  When they were picking us up 
from the Daycare Centre, they told us "Kisses" - so we were happily 
blowing kisses to each other and anyone who looked vaguely interested.

They thought it'd be sweet to hold us close together for a quick peck - I 
knew what I had to do - I pursed my lips and as soon as I was held close 
enough I brought the old tongue out and gave her a big wet open one on the 

Unfortuantely, Maddy's mum is a bit protective and my first french 
kiss didn't last more than a few seconds.  Didn't mind it though.  
The kids at Daycare think I'm a hero....

Well, It's been a pretty busy time - until next time!


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