Daddy's nerves

Hi everyone

If you are reading this note, you'll know that I'm still alive....

(Sorry - if you're not from Australia, you wouldn't have heard of the 
politician here who made a video in case of her untimely demise and, 
therefore, the above means nothing to you.  Funny how an explanation 
normally takes way longer than what you've said.)

Anyway, I'm still here.  I'm still doing the same kinds of things - 
just a bit quicker now.

The only real piece of news is that I'm getting left more with Dad 
these days (I think mummy's relaxing).  It's not too bad - he tends 
to get a bit panicky at times (he doesn't seem to realise that if God 
hadn't intended to have forks poked into electrical sockets, He 
wouldn't have given them prongs).

Last night was fun - Mummy played the trick on Daddy of leaving us at 
home without a dummy.  It was hilarious when he seriously thought 
that I'd be happy sucking on a cotton reel.

Anyway, when he put me to bed, I thought that I'd show him just how 
LOUD I can be - the poor guy just didn't know what to do....

When he got me up, I let him off the hook - I got the dummy that I'd 
hidden in a blanket near the bed and everything went well from there.

Will report when the next big thing happens to me (could be puberty, 
since I seem to now be able to do most things, except sit up late 
playing cards and smoking cigars - Mummy said that babies shouldn't 
have tobacco stains on their fingers and certainly shouldn't gamble).



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