Christmas Message

Christmas Message

Merry Christmas everyone!

This is my 2nd Christmas - it's pretty easy to get a handle on it.  I 
sit back.  Presents come to me.  I rip off the wrapping paper.  I pay 
no attention to the contents of the paper, but make all sorts of 
wonderful toys out of the paper.

I don't like the sound of Mum, though.  I've heard her saying things 
like "he's got all the toys he needs", "he can't play with half the 
one's he's got"....  I guess that's why I have a Dad - you can rely 
on him to give me lots of wrapping paper.

Dad bought presents for Mum on behalf of himself and I on the 
weekend.  I'm giving her one of the latest Terry Pratchett books - 
Hogfather - and a map of Diskworld.  That map looks like it could be 

Dad is giving her a Star Trek cup with Captain Janeway on it - he says 
because she acts like she's the captain of the house.  I think that if he's 
stupid enough to say that, I'm not going to help him out....

Well, it wouldn't feel like Christmas unless everyone is arguing.

I actually get to go to two Christmases.  The first is this weekend 
with Dad's family.  The next is with Mum's family.

I think I may be naughty for the first and overtired for the second.  
It'll give the days a bit of character and allow me to feel like one 
of the family.

But, it does get me wondering about how you end up "overtired".  
I reckon you're either tired or you're not - if I'm not willing to sleep, 
then I'm not tired, nor am I a priori overtired.

I think that parents use the "overtired" line when they mean -  
"really naughty, and LOOK he won't even shut up when you lock him in 
his room".

Regardless, I'm going to make it a memorable Christmas.

Other news is that the folks are making me wear contraptions that are
half way between sandles and thongs - they're actually sandles with 
thong webbing and soles.  I hate them.

The first time I was made to wear them, I refused to walk.  The next 
time I just lay down in protest.

The folks couldn't work out what was going on.  They didn't realise 
that the soles were so thick that they made me trip if I tried to do 
anything faster than a very slow shuffle - if I can't run, how can I 
do things?

I'm getting used to them, but I'm still not very happy.

Another thing is that I can now open the car door, get inside, 
close the door, take the car out of gear and turn the steering wheel. 

When I'm not wearing those sandley things, Roge is going to steer the 
car, whilst I work the pedals.  Ellie got a bit jealous and so she 
gets to work the indicators and CD player.

I wanted to drive, but I couldn't see very well over the dashboard - 
we need Roge for his clearance factor (although only being able to 
see in black and white may cause some difficulties at traffic 

Well, I hope you all have a good Christmas and I'll be in touch in 
the New Year!


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