Back to work

Back to work

Hi everyone

Well, I'm back to work again - I'm now the biggest baby in my room at 
daycare, so I have a lot of kiddies to organise....

Holidays were good.  Daddy got into trouble apparently because Mummy 
tried to get him to do some work.

The first task that daddy got was to clean the house.  He chose 
to start the job by re-wiring the microwave.  That meant that he lost 
the use of his left arm for a few days.

After he recovered from the microwave, he was meant to do the 
gardening.  That resulted in him falling 2-3 metres through the 
neighbour's roof whilst cutting down some vines from a tree.  That 
meant that he lost the complete use of his left arm for 4 weeks.

Broadly, Daddy ensured that his holidays would be work-free, 
comprising only reading, watching TV and playing computer games.  
Mummy was not very happy (she tried to ensure that Daddy's holiday 
would be work-full).  I think that Daddy may have planned the "accidents".

We went to the beach for a week.  I think beach holidays are overrated, 
though.  The mix of sun and sand just caused me skin irritation.  Also, the 
soft sand was too soft and hot, whilst the water was too rough - that left 
me a narrow strip between the water and the soft sand that was anywhere 
near usable.

Mummy bought me a UV protection/buoyancy suit.  It was good that I 
didn't get sunburnt, but I looked like a mini-Michelin man.  How do 
you pick up girls on the beach when it's quite obvious that the bath 
is often too deep for you.

I found that girls in the play areas at Macdonalds are quite 
approachable - especially if you lift up your T-shirt.  I found that 
within a few minutes I could get a couple of 5 year olds to tickle
my tummy with no trouble (Daddy said that he wished he'd thought of 
that as a kid).

I think Mummy and Daddy may have been laughing at me a bit over the 
holidays - there were a few times when they seemed to laugh 

1. They focussed on my big toes - I think that they think they're a trifle too 
large (I have the biggest big toes in day care - although one of the 
office workers there has a toe that comes close).

2. I asked Mum if I could turn on the heater (in my special baby 
talk) with the correct inflexion so she could tell that it was a 
question (she doesn't like me turning it on in summer) - when she 
said "yes", I turned it on.

3. I learnt to alternatively shrug my shoulders, walk on tippy toes 
and spin.

4. I managed to get a packet of corn flakes and rice bubbles on 
holidays and sneak into Mummy and Daddy's room, get on the bed and 
make a nest for myself.  I heard the "Where's the baby?" question, so 
I immediately did a full body flop into my nest as they entered the 
room (I call it a "Boompah") - they do go Snap, Crackle and Pop.

5. I taught young Colin (2+ year old) at church how to use a bubbler 
so that you can spray people up to 10 metres away.

I have added talking on the phone and more words to my repertoire.

I'll write soon with more news!


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