Baby stuff

Baby stuff

Hello all

Daddy Craig has handed over my email list to me (Elliot).

Well, I'm home now - I've been home almost a week.

I'm not up to much at the moment - I do a lot of watching, crying and 
pooping (Daddy Craig has labelled me "His Poopiness" - but wait till 
I get onto solids).

I've already appeared in the local paper - a very swish piccy (Mummy 
Liz was also in it).

I've met the local hounds (Doggies Roger and Ellie) - I understand that they 
have their own internet page (I have one too (see below) - not much 
yet but they'll be some piccies soon).  I have made mouth contact with 
Roger Dogue already (and am looking forward to the same with Ellie) - 
but Daddy Craig didn't seem to like it too much.  I have been groomed 
by both dogs.

I have my first major toy - a piece of scaffolding with hideous 
pieces of equipment hanging off it (not much fun from my viewpoint).

I went on my first stroller ride yesterday (I was very tired 
throughout and didn't see much).

Lots of cries

Baby Elliot

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