Proper update of all things baby

Proper update of all things baby

Hi all

I think that it's time for a proper update of all things baby.

First, I've included a few of my favourite songs on my page:

Twinkly little stars 
Mary's edible lamb 
Leave me alone (I'm tired)

You can find them at:

They're poorly recorded, poorly played and poorly sung - but you'll
get the idea of the indie-Wiggles (the Wiggles is an Australian kiddy
band for the uninitiated) that we get up to around our place.

Second, a lot of you may not have noticed that my picture on my page
in the top left hand corner does something quite interesting when you
place your pointer over my cute little face - try it.....

Third, Mummy entrusted me to the care of Daddy for a greater than 24
hour period recently.  The result was that a good time was had by all,

1. substantial delay in picking me up at daycare to ensure that as 
     many nappy changes as possible could be avoided

2. dinner was courtesy of Mr McDonald - the beauty was that I 
     got to drink Coke (rather than orange juice when mummy 
     is present) and let's just say that the chips were a bit more
     plentiful than usual (mummy is a big chip hog)

3.  dinner did not end at McDonalds - my extra cholesterol and fat 
      intake was fully satisfied by sharing a large packet of corn
      chips and chocolate with daddy when we got home

4.  bedtime occurred approximately 2 hours later than usual (we had 
      too much building to do and television to watch)

5.  we slept in late the next morning

6.  whilst daddy was making my breakfast, I snacked on the chocolate 
     and chips we'd left out from the night before

7.  I was the last kiddy to arrive at daycare (I was an hour and a 
     half later than usual)

8.  I didn't get my shoes on their correct feet until after my 
     afternoon nap.

All in all, I think that daddy had a good time....

The funny thing was that mummy let daddy take me out shopping last
Saturday.  I would've thought that she wouldn't trust him for awhile. 
 We had a great lunch - lebanese sweets and donuts - daddy sure does
know how to order.

We were actually out shopping for a present for mummy for Mother's
Day.  I decided to get her a couple of small Meccano sets - a plane
and a car.  She seemed to like them.

I've been improving myself, too.  I can now count to two.  Whenever we
go up or down stairs, mummy or daddy (m/d) counts the stairs as

m/d  -  "one"
me   -  "two"
m/d  -  "three"
me   -  "two"
m/d  -  "no, three"
me   -  "two"
m/d  -  "four"
me   -  "two"
m/d  -  "no, four"
me   -  "two"
m/d  -  "five"
me   -  "two"  etc.

It takes a bit longer to get mummy or daddy up or down the stairs, but
it's fun!

I can also complete mummy's and daddy's sentences.  They say things
like "a cow goes" and I finish by saying "moooo".  My favourite is "a
dinosaur goes" - the answer is "ROAR!!!"  (I even do actions for both
clucking ducks and neighing horses.)

I've also been playing a bit with some of the words I've been 
learning.  I've been doing a few anagrams:

desperation		=	a rope ends it
the Morse Code		=	here come dots
mother-in-law		=	woman Hitler
snooze Alarms		=	Alas! No more z's
eleven plus two		=	twelve plus one

But, I'm getting a bit bored with all that.  I decided to turn 
to Shakespeare:

 "To be or not to be: that is the question, whether tis nobler in 
 the  mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune"

 =	In one of the Bard's best-thought-of tragedies, our insistent 
  	hero, Hamlet, queries on two fronts about how life turns rotten.

Oh, well better get back to keeping mummy and daddy happy - "mooo",
"baaa", "cluck", "ROAR!!"....


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