Felix Emmett

Felix Emmett

Hi everyone

Well, the baby's here....

Felix Emmett
7 Pounds 10 Ounces (3455g for the non-Americans out there)
53cm long
34cm around his noggin
Birthday 9:05am 21/9

Mummy and Felix are well.

Word has it that he pipped me on his Apgar Test, but I haven't seen 
his report card so I have some grave doubts....

He doesn't do much yet - just sits around sleeping, feeding, 
scratching his face and then all that again.

Since Felix turned up, I haven't been sleeping that well and my manic 
depression seems to have snagged on "manic".  Just last night Daddy 
made the mistake of taking me to the local swimming pool.  Apart from 
throwing in all the swimming toys left around the pool, I managed to 
throw in both daddy's towel and t-shirt - that will serve him right 
for thinking that he can wear the same clothes home that he came in.

I also managed to "accident" through my training pants onto the 
floor as we popped in to visit some people on the way home from the 
pool - you'd think it strange enough for daddy to turn up without a 
shirt, but I'm sure I added that little bit extra surrealism to the 

Thinking back on the past week (or so), Daddy has made a few 
basic mistakes.  I think his finest was feeding me dinner then taking 
me for an extra dinner with his students (who were attending 
residential school).  We went to a local Chinese restaurant.  We 
don't normally get to sit at the big table - but those spinning 
centres can really whir (especially when weighted down with some 
food).  I also discovered that when rice meets a student's wavy hair, 
it tends to stick.  The students certainly got a buzz out of me 
seeing how far daddy's cheeks could stretch.  Let's just say that a 
good night was had by all.....

At the end of last week, I had noticed a few changes in daddy and 
decided to capture them for posterity:

You can really see his veins pulsing!


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