Hello again!

Hello again!

Hi everyone

Well, life is settling down a bit.  We're almost into a rhythm, but 
rhythms are often interrupted.  Just the night before last a rhythm 
was interrupted:

1:15am	a small moth flies into our big tree out the back
1:16am 	a still possum stirs in that same tree
1:17am	the possum decides to stretch and have a scratch
1:18am  Roge, having some difficult dreams, is awakened by a noise 
	in the big tree out back
1:19am	Roge listens intently
1:20am	Roge hears a rustle and starts a quick round of barks
1:21am	Ellie, asleep under the house, hears Roge barking and runs 
	outside yapping incessantly
1:22am	daddy stirs
1:23am	daddy drifts back to sleep
1:24am	daddy stirs
1:25am	daddy gets up and starts screaming at the howling dogs
1:26am	daddy (semi-clad) goes outside and unsuccessfully tries to lock 
	Ellie in the garage
1:27am	daddy returns to bed perchance to dream
1:27am	I stir
1:27am	I start screaming
1:27am	I'm running around my room
1:27am	I'm at mummy's side of her bed
1:27am	mummy screams at me to return to bed
1:27am	I'm at daddy's side of the bed
1:27am	daddy lets me into bed
1:27am	daddy's eyes are closed
1:27am	but you can ply them open
1:27am	daddy takes me back to my bed
1:27am	I scream
1:28am	Felix stirs
1:29am	Felix wakens
1:30am	Felix screams
1:31am	mummy feeds Felix
1:31-2am I continue screaming
2:01am	mummy comes and sleeps in my room
2:02am	I sleep soundly
2:03-5:30 mummy tries to sleep in the sliver of space I've left her 
	  in my bed
3:33am	daddy drifts back into a light sleep
5:30am	daddy brings in Felix for his morning feed
7:36pm	I go to bed to restore the rhythm....

Quite a few things have been happening....

I regularly cuddle Felix.  Felix is growing quickly.  Soon he'll be 
big enough to rumble.  Although I did ask mummy the other day whether 
I could "rip Felix's head off" - she wouldn't let me.  Still, he's an 
OK kid.

I'm thinking about potential professions that I might eventually 
choose to work in.  I've been eyeing up a legal career.  Daddy said 
that I could be good.  Mummy the other day was showing me Felix's 
thumb and said to me something like "Look at Felix's little finger".  
I replied - "No!  Thumb!"

Then, daddy thought that I had been naughty at the table since he 
didn't like me putting food in my drink and then purposely tipping it 
over to see whether the food would be pushed by the liquid over the 
side of the table  -

Daddy said:			"Put your hand out for a smack"
I said (sheepishly):		"No"
Daddy said (louder):		"Put your hand out for a smack"
I said (smiling):		"Under table, yes"

and I placed both hands out for my smack but held them close to the 
underside of the tabletop.  Daddy started laughing and forgot to give 
me my smack.

It's funny - daddy often lets me off my smack.  The other day he told 
me not to pull out plants/break off branches in the garden.  He was 
upstairs at the breakfast room window watching me.  I went and pulled 
out a plant, and whilst holding it up to the window with one hand, 
held out my other hand for my smack.  The beauty is that it is very 
hard to administer a smack through a glass window from about 3 
metres up.  I think I may have mastered this smack thing.....

As the year quickly comes to a conclusion, I thought that I should do 
a list of some of the things I've learnt this year:

* When mummy is mad at daddy, don't let her brush your hair.
* You can't trust the dogs to watch your food.
* Don't sneeze when mummy is cutting your hair.
* Ellie still has bad breath even after eating a mint.
* Never hold a dustbuster and Roge at the same time.
* The best place to be when you are sad is in Nanna's lap.
* It's hard to unlearn bad words.  Shut up.  (although daddy did make 
   the mistake of alerting me to the power of these words by 
   explaining that they're "naughty words")
* Ask why until you understand.
* Don't say that the "Last One is a Rotten Egg" unless you're 
   absolutely sure there's a slow kid behind you.
* Crawling still gets you there.
* If you want another dog, start out by asking for a horse.
* Your room gets smaller as you get bigger and if you pull out the 
   drawers of your dresser you can get to interesting things.
* If the tree in the backyard had plums last year, don't 
   expect apples this year.
* One drop of black paint from the brush clouds the whole cup of 
* If you want someone to listen to you, whisper it.
* Silence can be an answer.
* If you throw a ball at someone, they'll probably throw it back.
* Don't nod on the phone.
* Lego's will pass through your stomach.  Duplo's will not.
* PlayDough And microwave should never be used in the same sentence. 
* Super glue is forever.
* South Park can teach me many things that mummy and daddy 
* It annoys daddy when you call him "mummy" all the time.
* When daddy is dressed for work, he's scared of the hose.
* Don't despair that refrigerator freezers are high off the ground - 
   it just means that you need a chair!
* If you don't want to be picked up, go limp.

Will write again soon!


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