Christmas salutations

Christmas salutations

Hi everyone

Well, Christmas is upon us again for the third time.

I've been keeping fairly busy.  Recent adventures include:

1. Making all the boys cry at my children's playgroup Christmas party 
(it involved a hose and some high pressure water), then coming home 
and making a kiddy who's five years my senior cry as well.  (I think 
Daddy was quite proud when he called me a "thug".)

2. Waiting until Mummy and Daddy were both outside and then quickly 
locking both the front and back doors.

3. Opening the side gate wide and calling "Roger" and then "Ellie" 
(the dogs), so that they could take themselves for a walk.

4. The minister at our Church thought Daddy had primed me when he 
asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I said "Holy water" - it was 
just after Felix's and my baptisms on the weekend.  (Daddy is also 
proud that I can sing along with Pavement's "Cut Your Hair" song.)

Well, in case I don't get a full blown message to you this side of 
Christmas, I've sent you a card:

(The teenagers at Church were amazed when I went up to one of them 
who had on a South Park t-shirt and I pointed saying "South Park!" - 
it was like he thought that a 2 year old hasn't got time for some TV 
or something....)

Have a great Christmas!


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