The holidays....

The holidays....

Hi everyone

Some might say that not going to school or work means that everyday 
is a holiday for me - but I assure you that even a toddler has 
defined periods of holidays and work.  The past month I've spent my 
time refusing sleep, waking early, "shadowing", slamming, 
throwing....  I don't even wear nappies during the day anymore!

Now, as for daddy - his holidays just finished and he has returned to 
work (hence he now has the time to send my email to you).  However, 
daddy's return to work marks the beginning of my holidays.

The past month has been a very hectic time for me.  There were five 
distinct time periods:

1. Christmas
2. Gardening
3. Museum
4. Zoo
5. Shopping

I shall now briefly deal with each period in turn.....


To me, Christmas represented not so much a time for giving but a time 
for getting.  As a young person who has not yet arranged a personal 
credit line, I find my spending habits peculiarly curbed.  It's not 
normally a great problem, since the fridge and kitchen cupboards 
supply most of my culinary needs.  However, it means that the 
presents that I give are normally limited to things like tiny bits of 
ripped paper, carpet lint and spilt drinks (the latter is 
particularly the case given my developing fine motor skills).

Just the other day, I was pouring myself a glass of orange juice when 
it happened that the glass had become full and I was beginning to 
overflow.  Mummy panicked and screamed and I was flown into a state 
of flux where I started waving the very open bottle of juice in a 
fairly random and haphazard manner around the room.  I love giving 
mummy presents!

Well, back to Christmas, I did indeed get quite a lot of stuff 
without necessarily giving a whole lot.  However, I did also manage 
to help with clearing out the wine out of the bottom of some 
unguarded wine glasses - Nanna says that mummy and daddy should be 
very careful since I'm likely to become an alcoholic.  I just 
consider it being helpful....


Next, daddy has been doing quite a bit of "gardening" as he calls it. 
 I consider it more the random placement of interconnecting potholes 
and the filling in thereof.  Ok, the front yard has changed a bit - 
retaining walls, lots of new plants, a birdbath, hardwood chips, 
gravel, garden lighting etc..  The problem is that daddy has tried 
to define certain areas as being, for example, chip areas, gravel 
areas etc..  I've repeatedly shown daddy that a good garden isn't so 
straightjacketed - chips should be where bark is and vice versa.

The museum

The museum was a lot of fun.  We did a trip down to Sydney to a 
dinosaur exhibition.  There were motorised dinosaurs and everything.  
My favourite bit was the test to see if you could outrun a dinosaur.  
The set-up was a 25m runway with lots of flashing lights and a monitor 
to tell you how fast you ran.

Daddy and I were waiting in a line for the chance to see how fast I 
am.  I was getting a bit impatient - so when a girl a few places in 
front was told to run, I broke from daddy and ran too.  It turned out 
that the girl got eaten, but since I was running behind her, I got 
through safely.

Daddy got me to wait in line again, but wasn't holding me securely 
enough - a little boy was eaten, but Elliot made it through again!

The third wait in line saw daddy holding me a little tighter.  When 
daddy eventually said "go", I turned and looked at him, he said "go" 
again, I turned and ran as hard as I could - I pumped my arms and 
threw out my legs.  Unfortunately, my 6km/hour meant that I was 
caught and devoured.

The zoo

The zoo was OK (although daddy was disappointed that I spent more 
time looking at the pictures of animals rather than the animals 

Getting to the zoo in Sydney was much more fun.  We car-tripped to 
the train station in Sydney (2.5 hours).  Then spent over an hour on 
the train.  Then got on a ferry (20 mins).  Then bused from the ferry 
to the zoo (5 minutes).

The ferry trip was the best part - I got to see the Sydney Harbour 
Bridge and the Opera House.  I liked seeing the buses and trains 
going over the Bridge.  Daddy pointed to the Opera House and said 
"funny roof".  I corrected him "No, funny windows" - the roof 
perfectly matched the strange windows....

On the way home we got to visit daddy's old work - we went in an 
elevator and went up a long way.  The only problem with the building 
is that apparently you're not allowed to spit out the windows.


Got to do quite a bit of shopping over the last month.  The best time 
I had was whilst being passed from mummy to daddy in the shops.  Now, 
any of you who have had responsibility for children would know, the 
handover of a child between adults is a time for concentration....

Daddy had been spending quite a while in a music shop in a shopping 
complex.  Mummy, Felix and I sat outside and I would periodically 
enter the shop to reconnoitre and sabotage.  Daddy would return me to 

At last, Daddy approached the counter to buy a CD and Mummy sent me 
to him to look after.  Fortunately, no verbal instructions were given 
to daddy - it was implied that a handover had taken place and 
sabotage should commence immediately.

Daddy said "Where's mummy?"

I replied "Outside".  (Daddy thought I meant outside the shop when I 
meant outside, somewhere in  the shopping complex.)

Daddy said "Go to mummy, I'll be there in a minute".

I said "OK".

Mummy wasn't immediately outside the shop.  Mummy wasn't at the top 
of the ramp to the carpark.  A couple of policemen walked by 
(apparently, the sight of a 2 year old waiting patiently at the top 
of the ramp is a common situation) - they said nothing.....  I 
waited....  20 seconds later, I decided I was hungry and my best bet 
of sustenance was the shopping market.  They have quite a good bread 
roll selection there.  I got the biggest ham and cheese roll I could 
find and went outside to await mummy and daddy.

Apparently, a few moments after leaving daddy, mummy returned to find 
out that daddy had mislaid me.  Daddy was in BIG trouble - he even 
argued that the handover is an important time (almost scared) - no 
excuses were accepted.

Daddy was told to check for me in the supermarket, whilst mummy 
checked the toy shops.  Of course, daddy ignored the instructions, 
preferring to check the street and the carpark first.  When he 
returned from the carpark I had reappeared and was happily eating my 

Daddy said "Where did you get that from?"

I said "Supermarket"

He said "Why didn't you get lollies instead?"

I had no answer.

Next time there's an improper handover, I know what I'll do....

Well, that's pretty much my work over the past month.  I hope 
everyone had a great Christmas and the New Year will prove even 


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