More baby stuff

More baby stuff

Hi all

I'm still a baby, but I am growing.

My sleeping patterns are still a bit erratic.  Mum and Dad were 
pleased that I slept for about 7 hours straight last night (I still 
managed to awake for a feed about 3am!).  Funny thing, though, Mum 
did come and check that I was still breathing at about 2:15 am - I 
thought I'd let her get back to sleep before getting her up again.

Even though I could happily hold my head up from birth, I can now sit 
for prolonged periods holding my head up (this is a big deal for a 4 
week old).   I'm still a bit scared by my toy gymnasium - I'll learn 
to live with that one later - it reminds me a bit of the clown bed 
that Homer made for Bart - I heard that one when I was in the womb 
(but the shows are repeated here that regularly here that I'm sure I'll 
get to see it a number of times before I can even crawl).

That gets me to the crawl - I'm trying, but have you ever tried 
crawling in a nappy when you have no real control over your arms - 
well, I guess a few of you drunken university types may have tried it 
recently, but for a baby its really quite difficult.

However, I am mastering the "gurgle".  I attempted the "coo" for the 
first time yesterday and it held some promise.  Ellie is trying to 
teach me the bark (she occassionaly crawls under the house (under my 
room) and for some bizarre doggy reason starts barking under there before 
she emerges from there to catch a noisy stick insect or something).  
Master Craig has restricted my doggy contact - I was glad of that 
since Ellie really does seem to have a dog breath problem - Roge 
appears quite hygenic, though.

Well, that's about all the news for now - please don't hesitate to 
send me any mail - I could help out with some of those baby 


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