It's been too long....

It's been too long....

Hi everyone

I'm growing, my vocabulary is hugenating and Daddy is being slack 
about posting my email!  One will follow shortly.

Felix has even started crawling and Rogernald Dogue hasn't escaped 
for over a month now....  (will comment on these too shortly)

Daddy's only excuse is his construction of the new TRUTH site:

(which he is very proud of)

There are a couple of articles on there by two very strange men 
(click on history revealed):

The Millennium Bug
Who discovered America (and who thought it was lost)?

Apparently, daddy is enlisting aid from around the world in his 
mission to make people laugh.....  So, if you're up to it, have a 
read of the site and make a contribution!

The other thing on which he is spending his time is audio files.  He 
bought a digital minidisc player and is in the process of speaking to 
the world.  If you're interested, check out:

click on "Tax topics"

then click on "Why is the carrying on of a business important?"

You will then discover daddy's lecturing style in all its somnolent 

By the way, I can now be reached in some extra ways:

PowWow (
ICQ (33252750)

I also can talk on MS NetMeeting, MS Chat and MS V-Chat.

I even have a mic.

So, hope to send a message very soon!!


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