Just me again!

Just me again!

Hi everyone!

Well, we've had some contact in the past couple of months, but here 
now comes a full-blown diary note with an update on all things 

I've been very busy with my "home duties".  It's all very fine to say that 
Daddy does some important stuff at his work, but it's rarely 
acknowledged that I contribute substantially more to our family in 
some very special ways - I like to call it "functional diversion 
therapy".  (I'm training Felix in this regard too.)

I provide FDT to Mummy and Daddy in roughly equal amounts, although 
daddy's higher caffeine intake means that he is predisposed to 
heightened levels of FDT.  Some of my more relevant FDT sessions over 
the past month include:

1. getting a powder dispenser, filling the tray of my dump truck and 
proceeding to leave little dumps around the house.

2. getting up early on Saturday morning, getting out a cake tin, 
filling it (and surrounding floor) with cereal, turning on the 
television and turning it up loud and then going into Daddy and 
shouting "Rage!" (Rage is the name of a music program on television.)

3. waking Felix up numerous times by a high-pitched squeal, climbing 
into his cot, jumping up and down, poking him.....

4. opening the gate so the dogs can take themselves for a walk

5. tipping orange juice/milk/miscellaneous liquids and/or solids on the 

6. kicking daddy in the groin/jumping on daddy when he's relaxed

I have numerous other sessions planned that will fill later notes.

Recently, I went with my cousins to ride on a steam train at Lithgow 
(about 1.5 hours west of Sydney).  It's an historic railway called 
the Zig Zag railway which has some very steep descents so that trains 
need to "zig zag" down the mountain.  I quite enjoyed the day, but 
the best bit had nothing to do with the trains.  Whilst Mummy and 
Daddy weren't paying too much attention, I decided to start wandering 
into the bush to "look for monsters".  Unfortunately, Daddy caught up 
with me before I could get away - the park up there has quite a lot 
of bushland that I could check out.

Felix is now crawling - he's adopted a similar combat crawl to the one 
I utilised.  He's also started chanting that well-known Police song  
"De do do do de da da da".  He also literally has a pincer like grip 
with dribbling skills to match.  He can sit up and take apart a video 
cassette by his drool.  He also seems to love the dogs more than I 
do - I really couldn't bear tongue kisses with Ellie (she's still 
paying for them - I today enjoyed swiping her with my metal gardening 
spade and hitting her with my plastic tennis racquet).

Big news from me is that I no longer wear nappies, although there have 
been a few nighttime accidents - Daddy has now been warned about 
sneaking me drinks of Coke after Mummy thinks I'm asleep.  (Since 
writing that comment, Mummy has relegated me to the world of 
nighttime nappies....)

I have become proficient with the computer - I can now left and right click, 
move the mouse with ease and have become good at typing - I consider 
myself only one monkey, but I might still come up with 
some Shakespearian verse.  My favourite games are Worms, Bombs 
(Minesweeper) and Monster Bash.  Daddy doesn't understand that the 
hidden object  these games is to simply keep blowing yourself 

Daddy has started doing cryptic crosswords - or rather reading them and 
then looking up the answers the next day and then wondering whether 
he actually has the next day's paper.  Daddy started doing the 
crosswords after he decided to get the Sydney Morning Herald home 
delivered (apparently he appeared in Column 8 recently telling 
the world about how exciting tax is by letting them know about the 
definition of aircraft in the Tax Act - "a machine or apparatus that 
can derive support in the atmosphere from the reactions of the air or 
from buoyancy").  He's a very exciting Daddy.....

I have also taken up grass hockey and football.  There is a bit of a 
discussion going on between Mummy and Daddy as to whether I should 
play hockey (Mummy's sport) or Rugby Union (Daddy's sport).  Of 
course, they both agree that I should become an international tennis 
player or golfer so that they can retire fulfilled.

My television viewing habits have advanced significantly in the last 
couple of months too.  I could always turn on the television, but 
early on I was restricted to whatever channel was last watched.  I 
now am proficient with the television changer - so that I can tune 
into my show of choice.

Of course, I'm still watching the Teletubbies, but I have added The 
Simpsons (although I prefer to call them "the Simmons"), the Home 
Video Show and Playschool.  I've managed to watch the complete Star 
Trek Voyager and Deep Space Nine series with a heavy dashing of The 
Next Generation.  Daddy wants to get me a Star Trek uniform, but 
Mummy hasn't allowed him to date (although he tells me that on his 
trip to Hong Kong and Malaysia (I refer to it as "Honkhonkalasia") 
tomorrow that he'll keep an eye out for one for me and himself).

Well, that about gets you up to date with all things Elliot for 
another month (or 2!).


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