Well, that's just dandy!

Well, that's just dandy!

Hi everyone

Hope that the last month (or so) has been an interesting one for 

Daddy returned from his Honkhonkalasian trip laden with toys.  Felix 
and I got:

. one ball that can bounce straight through a glass window 
(Mummy just loves that one)
. one soldier attached to a parachute that spends most its time in a 
tangled mess
. one dinosaur water pistol that Roger had great fun eating
. one mouth-powered spinning top that really lets the old saliva spin 
around the room  and
. one replica German WWII doll that spends all its time out of our 

So, it appears to have been a reasonable trip.  However, I must admit 
that I'm quite disappointed that Daddy didn't bring home the toy that 
shoots ball bearings.  Daddy said that the picture on the rear of 
its box, depicting a one-eyed child and the warning that "this is not 
a toy" would mean that Mummy might become difficult to live with for 

A few things have been happening at our house....

Of course, Felix is powering along in his delicious side-crawl.  His 
favourite area of the house is the bathroom (which Daddy and I are 
under orders to keep firmly secured).  Felix seems to have a 
particular fascination with my potty (Daddy got in BIG trouble the 
other day for not emptying it after I'd gone and then leaving the 
door open - remember Felix is no slouch and had an amusing time).  
Felix also likes the bathroom drain since he can put his fingers in, 
but not get them out.  Regardless of what Felix gets up to, it's 
always good to see Daddy get a smack! 

Our street has been closed off for the past couple of months whilst a 
roundabout is put in on the corner.  It's been fun going down there 
each day to watch "Not Uncle Greg" (I think it's his real name since 
he looks like my Uncle Greg and that could become quite confusing) 
driving the bulldozer.  Daddy particularly likes the fact that the 
Council workers consistently leave iron bars, spray paint etc. out so 
that the people wandering the streets on Saturday nights have 
something constructive to do.

Daddy also gets in trouble for going down to the roundabout with me at 
night and then disappearing for an hour or two whilst we visit 
people.  Just the other night he got in really big trouble when he 
was asked where we'd disappeared to at my bedtime (until 10pm) and 
he said "ask Elliot, he'll tell you".  Well I told Mummy a whole lot 
- "we went to not Alec's, not Colin's, not Andrew's, not Chris' etc". 
 All she had to do was narrow it down!  Daddy's are certainly good at 
prolonging bedtimes!

There was a very big tree out the back of our place that recently got 
cut down.  I've been very busy constructing roads through the chip 
and bits of wood.  Daddy cleaned it up a bit but had to go to 
hospital to see if he'd managed to break his arm again (Mummy always 
says that he shouldn't do yard work when he's tired, but Daddy says 
he works best late at night under torchlight when he's rushing to get 
to bed).

Daddy's been trying to cut up some huge pieces of wood with his new 
axe and block-splitter.  He's managed to carve off a massive quarter 
from one of the several dozen pieces and that only took him only a 
couple of hours!!  I've tried to help by taking up and swinging the 
axe when Mummy and Daddy aren't looking.  They're both a bit 
surprised, but I keep assuring them that "I'm a hard man".

Anyway, Daddy has decided that it's best that the wood isn't cut up 
and split.  Instead, he's formed the view that it makes stunning 
garden furniture.  So, he's started spreading massive blocks of wood 
that he can't even lift about the garden.  His piece de resistance 
was a large cross-section of the stump that he hurt his back moving 
up onto three stumps for legs (see, Daddy even knew that you could 
almost get it stable by using three stumps).  Unfortunately in 
demonstrating how solid and stable it was, he managed to snap it 
cleanly in two (it's now able to be moved more easily).

I've been watching quite a bit of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  I 
can even play the computer game.  I surprised Mummy and Daddy on the 
weekend by going to the door when some visitors were leaving and said 
"None shall pass" in a deep voice.  That shows you how young 
impressionable minds work!

Well, I'd better get back to practising my football.  The older kids 
at Church are amazed at my ability to punt a football.  Daddy just 
explains to them "well, what else does he have to do?".  If only 
Daddy knew....


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