Spam, glorious spam!

Spam, glorious spam!

Hi everyone

Daddy's tax page has been nominated for the Australian Internet 
Awards under the "educational" category.

It'd be really nice if you'd take the time to have a look at the site 
and give him a vote!  (he told me that I'll get one matchbox car for 
every vote I can swing him)

All you have to do is:

1. go to
2. click on "vote" (on the left hand side of the page)
3. enter the following URL
4. enter the following site title
Tax on Australia
5. complete your details
and voila a matchbox car turns up at our house....

BTW, Daddy got in BIG TROUBLE last Friday.  Daddy and I went to 
Orange (about 50km west of Bathurst) to have the car looked at.  We 
passed a pet shop and I suggested that I'd like to buy Daddy a couple 
of mice (he lived a very deprived childhood).  Let's just say that 
Mummy wasn't a very happy lady.....  more later, but now VOTE!!!


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