All grown up

All grown up

Hi everyone

Well, my lazy days as a two year old are just about up....

I had my birthday party on the weekend and what a do that was.  
It was a dinosaur party!  There was pass-the-dinosaur, whack the 
dinosaur egg, find lollipops in the triassic swamp (Daddy didn't 
clean up the backyard as Mummy had instructed)....

We even had dinosausages on dinobread - apparently, it was a smart 
old dinosaur who invented the breadmaker.  Daddy in an effort 
to create a volcanic dinosaur effect even managed to catch the 
barbeque alight as he char grilled the dinosnags.

I was awaiting a visit mid-party by Rogerasaurus Rex and 
Elliedimetrodon, but Daddy was told that there would be serious 
consequences if he let the dogs out of the garage.

So, a good day was had by all (even though adults outnumbered 
children by about 3 to 1).  I give it an 8/10.

The best bit though didn't even happen at the party.  Mummy asked 
Daddy to get a small plane to adorn a second birthday (non dinosaur) 
cake.  She made the mistake of sending Daddy and I to the shops 
unsupervised.  Anyway, I must admit that Daddy did try to find a 
small Lego plane for the cake and they only had a helicopter.  So, 
whilst I gave my full attention to playing with plastic guns and 
pistols, Daddy moved on to consider slightly larger cake 

Ultimately, we settled on a 1:3 scale Star Wars X-Wing Fighter.

I understand a little science - I understand that it is generally 
accepted that to every action there is an equal and opposite 
reaction.  But I'm not sure that that is correct.  I worked this out 
when I compared Daddy's quick and eager action to buy the X-Wing with 
Mummy's dark and storming reaction when she saw the docket.  It 
reminded me of Mummy's reaction to Daddy's action of buying the pet 

I know I fleetingly mentioned the mice in my last email.  I should 
fill you in a bit.  After a moments' reflection, Daddy and I 
purchased some pet mice on an equally unsupervised trip to Orange to 
have the car serviced.  I managed to sleep soundly on the trip home, 
but I know Daddy fretted a bit....

The reaction by Mummy at home was natural and unfettered.  Let me say 
that Daddy took the blame valiantly and didn't even try to argue that 
I had suggested the purchase and it was really my fault (like he 
wimperingly did with the Lego - I guess that as I get older I need to 
keep a closer eye on Daddy).  Mummy wasn't even moved when little 
Georgie and Paulie looked at her with their little brown eyes (they 
are actually both female mice despite their names - Daddy also got 
into trouble over whether he ensured that they were both female).  We 
actually went to the public library in Orange and went on the 
internet to work out how to care for and determine the sex of the 

Things eventually settled down over the mice and I now ignore them 
just as much as I ignore the dogs.  But, it's nice to know that 
they're there though just in case I ever want to play with them.

Well, back to the Lego -

Even though Mummy had made a 2:1 scale chocolate cake, the X-Wing 
still didn't fit.  However, getting chocolate icing on the Lego was 
never really our intention....  Daddy ended up convincing Nanna and 
Nanny (Daddy's Mummy and Grandmother) to buy some more Star Wars Lego 
for my birthday (he didn't make the mistake this time of telling 
Mummy that he is also a financial contributor to the plan) and Daddy 
has used fishing line to suspend the X-Wing and some other Lego from 
my ceiling.  I just hope that I don't get a Storm Trooper in my eye 
whilst I sleep.

My connection with Star Wars also now has me at dinner saying "May 
the Fork be with you Luke, May the Spoon be with you Obi -Wan and may 
you be coated in chicken salt Darth...."  Mummy still makes me say 
grace though.

Daddy has also been getting into trouble from Mummy over letting me 
watch shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer (since we've watched all 
available Star Trek videos, we're now watching Buffy).  Mummy 
and Daddy asked me whether I knew that television is pretend 
(sometimes they can be a little dim) - I told him that "it's just 
entertainment".  Mummy and Daddy laughed the next morning when I got 
up early and rushed out and turned on the television and then ran 
into their room and shouted "the entertainment's on!!".  Even though 
I quite like Buffy, Monty Python & the Holy Grail is still my 
favourite - I can even now put it in the video by myself.

Another bit of entertainment I went to recently was "The Hooly 
Dooleys".  They appeared at a local school just a few doors up from 
my place.  I quite enjoyed them and at the end Daddy got me a limited 
edition CD of theirs and got them to sign it.  People think that 
Daddy is weird, but he assured me that if I want to sell it second 
hand, I should get a better price.

Well, I'll be sure to let you know when Daddy next gets into 


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