The two became one....

The two became one....

Hi everyone

Well, even though I had my birthday party, apparently it wasn't my 
real birthday.  That happened the following weekend.  So, Mummy and 
Daddy took me down to Sydney to see Star Wars with Daddy and then off 
to Yum Cha with the whole family (including Nanna and an aunt and 

The Phantom menace was OK.  But it really didn't recapture the thrill 
of when I saw Star Wars for the first time.  It was the charm of Han 
Solo, the surliness of Chewbacca, the naivety of Luke, the buns on 
Leia's head that caught my imagination....  Now that it's six
months on from the original film, I feel that I have been cheated by 

The characters lacked depth and empathy - at one time I was actually 
hoping that the original Star Wars film was wrong and Obi Wan 
would quickly meet a gruesome end so that I didn't have to hear Ewan 
McGregor drone on any more.  I also found it curious that Jedi's have 
English accents, kids are American, alien looking people appear to be 
Japanese and that in the age of hyperspeed flight the quickest way 
from point A to point B is to use a submarine to go through the 
middle of the world.

Daddy certainly got excited over the fact that it was in reality a 
movie about trade tax (and from that perspective probably a darn 
exciting movie about tax).  But, then he got disappointed when it 
soon became clear that there was only going to be minimal usage made 
of lawyers and accountants and they really weren't after a simpler, 
more equitable and efficient tax system at all.  His comment was that 
all they seemed to be interested in was posturing and fighting rather 
than actually trying to draft a well-thought out legislative 
compromise.  Well, that's Hollywood for you!

I must say that Yum Cha for lunch was quite exciting.  The drama 
involved making sure that you have sufficient dishes arriving at the 
table to ensure a steady flow of food even though the Yum Cha carts 
aren't evenly spaced, whilst ordering sufficient Pork Buns and eating 
sticky rice.  It's the sort of excitement that Star Wars failed to 

Back to matters at hand.  Felix has not taken a front seat in these 
updates and that is the case due to one reason - he's just a little 
baby who eats sweets (to take a quote from Mr Lydon of 
Attractive Pistol fame)).  Up to date he's basically been 
width and height restricted.  Over the past week or two that has all 

Felix is now stretching, squashing, spreading, smearing, soiling, 
splintering, sullying, sprinkling, sprouting, strewing, sowing and 
scattering with the best of us.  His favourite positions in the house 
are in the loungeroom (at the video cassette recorder or the blinds), 
the kitchen (eating raw potatoes or climbing in or hanging from 
drawers) and in the bathroom (basically toilet bowl work).  His 
expertise at his specialisations is quite remarkable.  He can be 
quiet when necessary to accomplish a task and then burst into a 
series of staccato bangs and clangs that alert the folks that he may 
now be captured and returned to a central starting point before 
choosing another object.  I am in awe.

I must take some credit though, since I have always tried to 
encourage the little tike in all his endeavours.  I have also showed 
him that there is more than one way to skin a dog.  Currently, I am 
toughening him up so that he can move onto bigger and better tasks - 
my favourite way to improve Felix is to ride him in the same way that 
I ride Roger.  Mummy and Daddy aren't keen - but I say "No pain, no 

The best bit though is that he's even got his head around the concept 
of playing with the minds of Mummy and Daddy.  He will crawl to the 
television, poise with his hand over the video cassette recorder, 
turn to face Mummy or Daddy, smile and then tweak.  It is absolutely 
brilliant to watch.

But, just when you think the little guy can't improve he goes one 
step more....  Mummy was painting the front door, whilst Daddy 
laboured over a huge birdhouse for outside whose construction I'm 
sure would withstand a hurricane.  When Mummy was finished, she left 
the door ajar so that the paint could dry.  Felix noticed that but 
initially did nothing.  He waited until Mummy started making lunch 
and he was allowed to go visit the Birdhouse of Doom with Daddy in 
the front room.  But, of course, the baby handover was never formally 
made (you would think they'd learn after the fiasco some time ago at 
the shopping centre with me - see earlier newsletter).  Felix managed 
to quietly slip past Daddy (I think Daddy may have been sitting 
inside the birdhouse making technical modifications at the time) and 
go out to the front yard.  Felix just crawled to the middle of the 
yard and started putting rocks in his mouth.  Well Mummy blamed Daddy 
and Daddy blamed Mummy and Felix and I just laughed.

Well, I'd better get back to riding the little feller....


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