My special skill

My special skill

Hi everyone

Well, I'm back after a short hiatus. It's just been so hectic - Felix is
taking up a lot more of my time - the incessant playing, prodding,
wrenching, squeezing, stomping.....

Felix and I constructed a Bathurst version of the television show
"Gladiators" in our front room - we call it the Pyramid of Doom. It
involves taking all the cushions off two lounges, grabbing some pillows,
doonas etc. and then jumping on and running up and down the huge pile. If
you get to the top you shout out that you're the king of the pyramid,
although I sometimes also shout that out from the bottom (or whilst parading
around the house).

Television has also been good to me over the past few weeks. I especially
like catching up on Buffy since the early episodes (which are now being
shown) were aired before I was born and consequently, I haven't been able to
properly understand the delicate interactions, tensions and parley between
Xander, Willow, Giles, Angel and Buffy (can't wait to get introduced to
Ossie and see Xander as a soldier).

I have also enjoyed the BBC Dinosaur show. I tried to talk the whole way
through it, but daddy kept asking mummy "what was that?" so I ended up just
having to sit and watch whilst daddy made comments like - "why would that
dinodog take its bedding out of its lair? Surely, it will attract
predators!" And surely it did even though daddy had already spoilt the
little twist.

Felix has started watching Teletubbies - it now feels like he's one of us.

I've also been spending quite a bit of time on the computer. I can now turn
it on myself, load CD's - music or games - and can even print. I tell daddy
that I'm doing my homework when he says it's time for me to go to bed.

Felix and I went to our first McDonalds party on the weekend. It was
strange because if you took away all the kiddies, it was the same as going
to McDonalds on a Thursday (except that you got multi-coloured ice-cream
cake rather than a sundae). I felt strangely unfulfilled. So, the best
thing I thought to do was to get the balloons on sticks and start up some
balloon wars. Daddy helped out by attaching balloons to both ends of my
stick so that I could be Darth Maul the Balloon Slayer.

Almost finished the Hobbit for the second time around. It will either be
Lord of the Rings for the second time as well or perhaps Grimm's Fairy
Tales - daddy got nanny to get the original version after he read me some
fairy tales where:

. the witch lived happily ever after with Hansel and Gretel;
. the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood merely falsely imprisons the
grandmother and later escapes and
. the little gingerbread boy lives to run about another day.

It was always interesting listening to daddy's versions though - I
especially liked:

. the little gingerbread axe wielding boy;
. Hansel, Gretel and their second cousin Ruprecht;
. the three ravenous bears with a taste for human flesh and
. his version of three little pigs where the wolf cries "Little piggies,
little piggies, I want to finger your entrails" (I especially liked his
twist where all three piggies escaped the evil wolf by constructing a
nuclear bomb shelter and locking the door although unfortunately they forgot
to punch air holes in the door).

Felix and I got our first wading pool last week. Felix especially likes
being dunked. I especially like filling it with rubble from daddy's
"renovations" (he's knocked over walls, cut doors in walls, dismantled part
of the verandah and is now building a retaining wall before the house starts
moving down the hill). Unfortunately, I managed to cut my finger on daddy's
rubble and had to have a band-aid. Mummy became concerned when I wouldn't
allow her to later remove the band-aid. I had to carefully explain that a
band-aid is permanent.

Probably the most interesting thing I have done over the past month is do a
wee at Church. Now, you would think that there is nothing special about
that - in fact I do them quite regularly. But there was a real buzz about
this one wee.... Everyone was having morning tea on the warm Sunday
morning. There was a large pool of water next to where everyone was
quaffing and I just got the urge to disturb its tranquil waters. So I
dropped my pants and became relieved. I was quite surprised when everyone
then turned, pointed and laughed. All I can say is that I'm glad they
enjoyed something that I feel that I'm quite good at. They asked daddy
where I might have picked up my skill and he replied that I was probably
just copying him. Let me assure everyone that my special skill is innate.

Until next time


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