!pu deniahc em dah ev'yeht - pleh

!pu deniahc em dah ev'yeht - pleh

Hi everyone

Well it's certainly been a long Christmas break that I've had.  Daddy 
gave me his old computer but failed to inform me that it would not be 
connected to the net and that I'd have to make other arrangements to 
ensure the continuity of my notes.  I've also had to learn how to 
use DOS and type "win" to get rid of the blank screen.

I have managed to do a bit of surfing over the break though - I sneak 
onto Daddy's internet-ready computer.  It's hard - he's passworded 
the screen saver.  That means that I've either got to wait for him to 
leave and get to the computer within 3 minutes or - my favoured 
approach - just re-boot.  The only down-side to the re-boot for 
Daddy is that he tends to lose work.

I'm back at my work (the Childcare Centre) for 3 days a week.  
Felix is now there as well (he's got my old role of organising the 
younger ones).  Felix seems to be holding his own too (a chip off the 
old blockhead) - he's quite handy in a sandpit-brawl - always very 
quick with a handful of sand and he knows how to follow it up with a 
spade.  He's also not afraid to eat sand which is always a plus.

I quite enjoy childcare - going there is like walking into the pub 
on Cheers - "Elliot!".  Sometimes some of the screws get a bit 
twitchy though - just the other day I was hauled off the cubbyhouse 
roof  "due to the dangers of lying on a pitched roof" (I was only 
sniping the kids with berries).  It's also fun when Felix gets to 
visit the "big boys and girls" - we hide him down the back and see 
how long it takes until someone notices.

Christmas, New Year and all that was fine.  The highlights were my 
8 square metre sandpit with its cubic and a half metre of 
sand and the Christmas presents chosen by Daddy (water pistols, 
Tonka trucks, Simpson fridge magnets, hand-made ninja stars etc.  - 
no clothing or educational material in sight).  Of course, Mummy did 
pad out the Christmas stockings with clothes and educational 
material.  Foodwise - there was a trip to Yum Cha in Sydney and a 
couple of legs of ham that did quite nicely (not to forget the 
chocolate coin path that led from my and Felix's room to the 
Christmas tree on Christmas day).  There was also the room of 
balloons that Daddy prepared for Felix and I on Christmas day - the 
best bit was making Mummy and Daddy jump for most of January as each 
balloon popped.

Most of my friends in childcare have parents who video-taped their 
Christmas celebrations - at our house, Daddy recorded us in "pure 
digital stereo sound" (as he told me) and will shortly burn a CD 

As for television over the break - it was great.  My staple of old 
episodes of Simpsons and Buffy were ably satisfied.  I even managed 
to catch quite a few episodes of the now ancient Australian music 
programme "Countdown".  I just love glam.  Daddy and I would get up 
early on Sunday mornings to watch it, singing along to the theme of 
"countdown, countdown, countdown, countdown!" in ever rising tones.  
When someone was talking about a "toxic meltdown" on television last 
night, I told Mummy and Daddy that it's just not "toxic countdown".

Daddy and I each bought guitars over the holidays - neither of us has 
played them a lot - but we do look good.....

We're in the middle of renovating the house - I've done my best to 
help spread paint over the carpet and rocks over the lawn.  I also 
have been trying not to get too involved with Daddy's mice.  The best 
trick that I've been playing on him is to take the lid off the mice 
each night after everyone has gone to sleep - Mummy thinks it's Daddy 
being forgetful after he feeds them.  No - it's me seeing if we can 
get some of those wild mice to breed with our timid intelligent mice 
so that we can have a super-smart breed of street mouse.  I'll then 
get the sparrows (who live in Daddy's haunted birdhouse of death) to 
breed with the super-smart street mice so that they'll become my dark 
flying minions of doom.  (Did I tell you about Daddy's birdhouse made 
out of hardwood and attached to the solid concrete walls of the house 
with four huge bolts?  Those sparrows aren't going to take that 
birdhouse anywhere.)


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