More about me!

More about me!

Hello all

Just thought I'd drop a note to let you know how I'm getting on.

As some of you would be aware, there was a panic attack in the Latham 
household when it was discovered that instead of putting on weight 
over last month, I'd actually lost 100g - there really is no allowance 
for individuality!

Anyway, I've since be subjected to a vigorous feeding campaign 
(including 2 formula feeds a day) - since then I've averaged about a 
500g weight gain per week - so I'm growing heartily and on current 
estimations I should pass the 1 tonne mark by my 3rd 

I'm laughing and gurgling happily.

I discovered my feet the other day and now think it's a wonderful 
joke to grab them and then let go.

I've rolled over once.

I've used the television remote control.

Daddy has now changed one of my pooey nappies since I've been on 
formula (he's no longer so keen to change them).

I have a very active social life - including Motherhood classes, 
Bible study, local cafes etc. (keep an eye out for me at some of the 
local Bathurst Cafes, if you're ever up this way).

Dribbling and vomiting is still a sore point (I enjoyed dropping a 
load on Daddy just this morning).

I'm still enjoying showers with Daddy - but I don't like being dunked 
under the shower - I really enjoy a massage by Mummy with baby oil 
after my shower (Daddy has asked Mummy to give him a massage, but 
she says:
"Only baby gets a massage - if Daddy did a little more work around the 
house and changed a few more nappies, maybe he could also have a 
massage, but until then...")

I now sleep through the night more than not!  Mummy and Daddy are 
very happy.

So that's about all - till next time.


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