Me again

Me again

Baby Elliot here

CAUTION:  Before I get started I should remind you who I am 
(especially since I raided Daddy's and Roger's address books in a 
vain attempt to increase my readership).  BTW, if you want out just 
drop me a note!

I am the chief baby of Liz and Craig Latham and I am 
brother to Roger Dogue and mentor to Elliot Dogue-Dogue.  This is my 
rant column and not another outlet for Roge's musings - for that go 


I am 6 months old.

Well, it's been awhile since my last note - I've since progressed in 
many directions (there's the usual length, weight and, for some 
rather bizarre reason, head size), but I've also learnt to crawl (or 
at least combat crawl - after seeing Toy Story - it's rather like the 
soldiers in that movie), I talk a lot more and laugh a lot 
(especially when the word "boo" is uttered - it seems to keep 
everyone happy).

In fact, just yesterday at playgroup someone else was being boo'ed 
but I still knew to laugh (even though, at the time, I was 100% 
occupied watching the fan).

Crawling does open up a whole new world (especially since I've 
conquered steps).  I particularly like the videos and CD's that daddy 
stores next to the TV (another favourite).  I haven't been able to 
get much of the black streamers out of the video - but I'm trying.

I am also keen on dead insects, furballs and bits of cotton.  Ash 
from around the fireplace is also a favourite.  I was actually 
getting the hang of using the poker - but I can't find that anymore.  
I was also using the ash bucket there for awhile....

I have been spending a bit of time playing games on the computer - 
Daddy doesn't seem to like my saliva covered hands banging on the 
keyboard, but he hasn't come up with a way of stoping my saliva 
covered feet from tapping away.

I went to the local health clinic yesterday for a monthly check-up.  
The paediatrician (that's a hard word for a baby - they should really 
call them baby doctors) said that I was the most "in your face" baby 
that she had seen - I don't think she liked me ripping off her name 
tag and a poster from the wall - you'd think that a baby health 
clinic would be child-proofed.  Anyway, all's going well - in fact, I 
have very good flexibility - I really don't know why a baby needs 
really good flexibility, but I certainly have it.

I have heard a rumour that I'm returning to the clinic today for more 
injections - I'm starting to recognise that place and the things they 
do to babies.  If they poke me again, I think that I'll scream like a 
a piglet again (perhaps utilising my really good flexibility to 
struggle free and combat crawl to a safe place).

The last thing to comment on is the imminence of my baby teeth - you 
can see all the bulges and I think that one may have come through a 
bit last night - I'm going to make sure tonight that mum and dad 
don't miss anything.

The other day I patted Roger and pulled Ellie's whiskers.

Christmas was quite interesting - the wrapping paper was wonderful.

Well, that's about it for now!

Baby Elliot

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