Hi all

Sorry I've been a bit sluggish, but here's an excerpt from the front page 
of the Sydney Morning Herald in Column 8 on Wednesday, 26 
Februaury 1997:

     "Craig Latham, of Bathurst, sniffs a little at the internet page
     set up for new baby Reuben Challis (Column 8 Friday). For several
     months before he was born on August 8 last year, his son had a
     page which asked surfers for naming suggestions. Some of the
     hundreds of suggestions (male and female) which came from around
     the world: Wolfgang, Toad, Maverick, Jesus, Matty, Cybele, Baby
     96, Lucinda Friday, Natham (for Natham Latham), Skoink, Flipdibs
     and Blasphemia Legion Anathema. Craig and his wife, Elizabeth,
     wimped out at these and baby became Elliot Samuel"

Pretty good for a baby!

BTW, the "Screws"*** have cracked down on my sleeping regime - for the 
past few weeks I've just been cat-napping (3 hours maximum), but they 
now lock me in my room and I'm forced to sleep for up to 12 hours at 
a time (with only minor interrruptions).  I don't know what they're 
up to but they must be using that length of time to do something 
pretty sinister....

When I'm awake now, I try to be much more active (they didn't think I 
could be) and smile a lot more (being parents, the screws always have 
to smile back - even if they've got a mouthful of food).

A full report of the goings on at The House of Elliot will follow in 
the next instalment.

*** For non-English speakers , the term "screw" is Australian slang for 
prison warders ***

See you


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