Lotsa teeth

Lotsa teeth

Hi everyone

Just thought I should let you know that I'm now up to my 3rd tooth 
(I've got 2 front bottom teeth that are quite well-established and 1 
breaking at the top).

The teeth are making me, in daddy's words, "Grumpy Gooseboy".

I've starting learning some words - well only one really:


It's fun to wave one of my arms near the computer cords or the 
curtain cords and hear the word (I can't actually say it, though).  I 
can make mummy say it by putting my arm close to the cords and then 
stop her by pulling it away.

Mummy is starting back at part-time work shortly and I'll be in the 
child care centre at daddy's work 3 days a week.  I hope mummy will 
be OK without me around so much.

No more newspaper articles on me this week, but I've had quite a bit 
of mail.  Here are some excerpts:

From Sooos -

>>When I'm awake now, I try to be much more active (they didn't think I
>> could be) and smile a lot more (being parents, the screws always
>>have to smile back - even if they've got a mouthful of food).
>This is a good plan but be careful you don't make then laugh with a
>mouthful of food or you'll wear it....

I'll take that on board - seems like good tactics.

From Colin -

>Have you conceived an escape plan yet (ala Alcatraz) and how has your 
>ever increasing mobility and dexterity impacted your plans?  You may
>wish to solicit the assistance of your pen pals (by the way what is
>the term for a pen pal when no pen or in fact ink is used).  Please
>provide details of any tools in your cell.  They may be of
>assistance in formulating an escape plan.

Colin raises and interesting point - how to do the great escape.  To 
date, I've found that just screaming in my cot causes me to escape 
its dank confines, but the response time has increased - I feel like 
the boy who cried "Waa" too often.

My tools to assist an escape vary.  Over the last week, the posters 
that Daddy stuck (or failed to stick) to the wall have joined me in 
my slumber - they're now slightly crumpled posters, but still quite 
colourful.  Daddy has also bought some self-adhesive stars that glow 
in the dark - he's going to stick them to the ceiling - I suspect I 
may have a few of them shortly.

I also have an array of teddy bears, a frog that ACTUALLY croaks (it 
was daddy's 30th birthday present from Mummy), lots of sheets that I 
manage to sleep on top of, a mobile that I can almost get hold of and an 
activity board that daddy fixed to the side of the cot (I should be 
able to pull that off with just one hard tug).

The key may lie in the activity board - it has a bell, a mirror, 
thinks that go click, things that rattle etc.  At first, I thought it 
may be the controls for the cot (Daddy always said that for the price 
it should have an engine), but no matter how much I tweak them, they 
don't seem to actually do ANYTHING!

Any suggestions?


Baby Elliot

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