Me, me, me!

Me, me, me!

Hi everyone

Just thought I should drop you a note seeing I've decided to leave 
home (well, at least for 2.5 days a week) - yep, childcare.

It's not all that bad.  A number of the babies haven't learnt to 
crawl yet, so I get to sneak up on them scream and then retreat - 
it certainly helps pass the day.  The one downside is that I've 
managed to catch (I'm pretty quick on my knees) every bug going 
around the centre (and pass it on to the folks).

They're pretty well set up at the childcare centre for babies like myself.  
There are toys, a sandpit (did you know that sand has no taste?), 
many things to suck on and, of course, climbing equipment.  I've also 
heard that they may be getting the internet there - I may get to 
write a bit more often at a place where Daddy and Roge don't hog the 
computer.  (Roge is the dog who lives with us - you can get to his 
page and diary notes from links from my URL below on Daddy's 

Mum and Dad have been making a bit of a fuss each time I say "Ma, 
Ma, Ma" and "Da, Da, Da".  I have absolutely no idea why they act 
like total idiots each time I say that - I was only really trying to remember 
the words to some old Police song.

I have also learnt to stand up against the lounge and climb onto it 
(especially useful to grab the television/video remotes - they're 
certainly fun to suck).  Today, I enjoyed climbing onto the lounge in 
the study and sucking on Daddy's overheads for his tax class - he 
should be using Powerpoint anyway.

Today, I also discovered that the Hi-Fi speakers aren't solid wood at all 
- it was just wood veneer stuck on chipboard.  I think that Daddy 
thought that they were solid wood since he looked very surprised when 
I showed him how easily the veneer pulls off.  It's funny - when I 
used to chew on the speaker wires and pull them out of the speakers - 
he always seemed to flinch - but it was only surprise today.  I think that 
he may be becoming a bit more relaxed around the house.

Well, its way past my bedtime and so I better not get caught sneaking 
back into my cot....


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