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Although it now seems like an eternity, the baby was born on 8 August 1996! At that time we thought that he was rather large - at almost 9 pounds and 57cm long. However, he has never stopped growing....

As you would've guessed, the Baby is a boy.

Baby scored 9/10 (an HD) on its Apgar test - a good initial sign.

You might want to stay tuned because a further birth is scheduled for September 1998. There should be some interesting things happening in Baby's email list (for more details see below).


Now to the name:

Elliot Samuel Latham

For many months before Elliot's birth a call was made over the internet to the world for suggested baby names:

Here is a complete list of the suggested names


The baby has spoken! But, at least on-line you can turn him off -

Baby Elliot also runs his own humorous monthly email list with well over 100 people on the list. You'll see copies of the email and how to join this elite list below.


The baby also likes to listen to music:

(Sorry about the size and low volume of the above files - compression/recording software is on the agenda!)

There is also some non-daddy listening creeping in:

- the guys actually gave this site a "Great homepage!" rating.


The big fat Baby Elliot himself:
Baby photo

The many moods of Master Elliot:
Baby photoBaby photoBaby photo

A family portrait (excising dogs):
Baby photo

Other photos include:


As I've noted above, Baby Elliot maintains a now sizeable email list. He reports all the goings on and his thoughts in the list - it's usually rather funny seeing the world through Elliot's somewhat disoriented eyes.

Past mailouts are:

Keeping in touch

If you'd like to have continuing participation in the blossoming of Baby Latham, please mail me at I'll then put you on the "What's baby up to now?" mailing list.

If you have baby hints etc., feel free to post them to the Named that Baby Bulletin Board.

If you've made it this far, you deserve my special treat - I call it my parental capability tester:

All you have to do is see if you can get my attention without making me cry!

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