The bottom 95% of all sites

Aren't you sick of all the hype over good, insightful, comprehensive web sites? Does the though of yet another cool, funky or otherwise dandy sites make you feel ill?

Well, here's your chance to strike back!

Your arsenal has two weapons:

  1. Browse the list of the profane (just browsing can make a difference):

  2. Join us -

  3. Next, link the logo to:

    The link could look like (or however you want it to look):

    This page has been included as one of:

  4. Lastly, please mail me when you've linked and I'll then put a link from my page (and a rather nasty comment as well) - provided, of course, your pages aren't actually any good. NOTE THAT IT SOMETIMES TAKES MONTHS FOR ME TO GET TO THE LINKING STAGE SO CUT ME SOME SLACK!!! In the meantime, sit back and listen to my radio show at

It's that simple.

So be in there with the not so elite!

Please note that the bottom 95% logo is a non-profit crappy logo.

A funny thing has happened - the bottom 95% is now reviewed in the Point Top 5% as "perhaps one of the best Websites ever" - have a look! I'm still recovering. I just feel like I've let down the whole team.

useless pages I must be doing something right - I've been named as another source of uselessness by the Useless WWW Page people themselves

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