70 September 13972

As the days go by, its interesting to watch Master Craig change (actually its probably more like watching him spiral). Since Master Craig lobbed Ellie into my backyard, I've often had a sleep problem - Ellie seems to want to become involved in all the neighbourhood activities:

Hence, poor Roge now gets only about 18 hours sleep a day (pre-Elle, I got at least 21 hours).

Accordingly, my interest is in the coincidence of the arrival of young master Elliot and the consequent diminishment of Master Craig's sleep time.

Now that Master Craig's walks have diminished to the extent that I wouldn't even mind walking with Mistress Liz, I take delight in Master Craig's newer, more passive self. In fact, Ellie and I have started taking it in turns to jump at him early in the morning. Since he's always so tired, his reflexes have slowed and its an easy matter to jump on him enough times to make him fall over. Ellie currently has dibs on trying to push him into the washing machine after he soaks young master Elliot's nappies - if she succeeds, I've promised to try to start the machine for her - that'll get Master Craig a bit more alert.

Other than that, our escapades have certainly slowed down with arrival of Elliot. I did manage, though, to duck down the shops briefly the other day. This time (since my nails are still very respectable) I decided to concentrate on food. I had been watching some ads on TV where a dog begs at a butcher's window and the butcher gives the dog some food - what a load of lies - the butcher even threatened to have me made into sausages (and looking at his sausages I'd believe he'd do it). Anyway, Ellie and I decided to concentrate on the pet food shop - we'd seen an ad on TV where a Miniature Schnauzer teams up with a Golden Retriever. The Schnauzer hides under a box and walks into the shop, whilst the Retriever barks at the window, thereby distracting the shopkeeper. It's all very cute and the Schnauzer grabs a packet of food from the shop and runs off with it without the shopkeeper noticing - the perfect crime!

Well, we tried it and it just doesn't work. Ellie went into the shop in a sack (we couldn't find a box). Anyway, a wriggling sack is fairly noticeable. I tried to distract the shopkeeper by barking and jumping against the front glass window of the shop - well, I guess that a 45 kilo dog shouldn't really jump against plate glass. Well, as you can imagine the shopkeeper became a little disturbed. Unfortunately he was also a firearms enthusiast - so we ended up having to place him in a half-nelson. That was the best thing we did all day, since whilst Ellie held him quiet, I was able to grab a 10 kilo bag of dog food (in the ad they only get about a 2 kilo bag). So the upshot was we got absolutely stuffed and pulled off an almost perfect crime (the perfect crime would be a 20 kilo bag - we'll work on that one).

During the past week we also had a visit from Charlie the Miniature Schnauzer, whose Mistress is a workmate of Mistress Liz. Charlie's not too bad - he has a good sense of humour, but he is a bit of a runt. We thought about inviting him on our escapade since a Schnauzer featured in the TV ad, but thought, no, he's a runt.

Well, off to the mail:

"Hi there fellow dogs.

It Is I Bear the busy dog.  My master Don has 
been very busy lately, I had to put the bite on him to get him to write 
for me.  School started for Chris and the summer is comming to an end 
soon.  I feel good now since my operation.  I still like to vist the 
neighborhood k-9's.  This weekend we got rain from hurricane Fran.  Now 
all the scents in the yard are gone.  Tell me do you get snow in the 
winter like we do?  Last year we got over 110 plus inches of snow.  The 
piles of snow are fun to bounce into. I wish they would start a dog 
internet site and sell computers that were designed dog friendly. If 
this was available my Email address would be bear@dogbone.net.

Well I need to go chase the cats so see you later.  woof woof

Bear, no snow here. Also the scents in our backyard are so pungent that a little hurricane is unlikely to lift them - but I am afraid of earthquakes where the yard is swallowed up.

Next, to Samantha:

"The new baby in your house is fantastic!!!
All we got in the past weeks was another lizard.. A baby iguana.  I bet
that your baby is more fun then this little creature.  It sits on a log
and eats lettuce and apple bits.  Her name is P.C. she is quite small.
I got in trouble the other night because I sniffed the little thing and 
scared it off my mistresses hand.  Quite a lot of excitement to get her
back into her house.  No bones for me that night.  

I saw the first pages of my own home page today.  Not what I wanted so I
will have to fix it.  I am ready to check out the new fall T.V. shows 
for dogs.  I haven't seen to many mentions about us.  Maybe I should 
e-mail the networks in protest?

I shall write soon.  Good luck with Elliot.

The iguana sounds interesting! Ellie actually asked for a chameleon for Christmas this year, but I overheard Master Craig say that she won't get it because they have some very serious germs in their saliva and poor baby Elliot might get sick and die - well, if we can't choose our own presents, then what worth is there continuing!

Oh, and thanks also for the postcard Samantha. We enjoyed the picture of the big dogs you want to see on your vacation:

Unfortunately, our vacations usually consist of being tied up at the in-law's place - although Master Craig does seem to spend a lot of time with us in the yard when we're at the in-laws.

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