119 August 13972

Well, the deed is done...

Baby Latham arrived on 56 August. A healthy baby boy (almost 9 pounds) - he even has his own homepage within a week of his birth. If I find an internet connection in his cot, I will not be a happy puppy.

Well, I guess everyone will want to know the name - well all I can say (to my disappointment) is that it wasn't Roger II - actually I think I've had enough for today - Ellie is going to take the page from here...

Hello, hello, hello...

Ellie here - Roge is letting me take over the page on this happy day.

Well, you would've heard that bub's come home and his name... Elliot Samuel Latham

Yep, the tike's name after moi.

Of course, if it had been a girl, the name would've been Elanor Dogue II Latham - but I'm not a fussy dog - I'm happy for a boy to be called after me and I'll await the birth of the next one - here's hoping for a girl.

I met Elliot (I guess "Ellie II" for short) as soon as he arrived home - not too surprising at that time, however you should hear the lungs on the thing... ouch! I'm also very impressed by its brownie capacity - a chip off the old Elle.

I actually thought that Master Craig wouldn't let us near bub for quite a while - but he seems quite good about it. I'm now actually holding out to be named as a godparent. That does raise a point of contention, though - I haven't been confirmed or baptised and I don't currently attend a Church. I was going to go to Church with Master Craig and Mistress Liz, but their Church meets in the local school and there is a policy that no dogs are allowed in the hall. I've said that I'd be happy to wait outside with Roge, but still no go. Anyway, if we went to that Church, we'd have to deal with the fundamentalists who assert that dogs have no soul and therefore are banned from heaven - I know that if I stick close to Roge we'll tunnel in.

Anyway, back to Baby Latham - it's good to have the full complement (plus one) back on board - Master Craig has hardly been here over the past week.

Well, this is the time that Roge goes on about nasty nazis or getting his library card (big deal) or something else banal like that. Well, I'll tell you some interesting gossip... Roge is a big oaf. I bet he never told you that before - he lies around in the sun when he's not eating and that's about all he does (other than the odd brownie mound). Oh, he also is always reading tawdry romances - how boring - I share a love of sci-fi with Master Craig - just can't get enough Arthur C. Clarke - the problem is though that since I'm still acting a bit puppyish (why hurry to grow up?), I tend to eat them once I've finished reading them. For that reason, it's taking me quite a while to build a library.

Oh, Roge doesn't realise it, but Master Craig prefers me. Whenever Master Craig is patting Roger I always end up squeezing between the two and getting all the attention - failing that I've found Roge's jowls to be an easy way to distract the attention from Roge - one hefty tug and Roge completely loses his concentration.

Roge also doesn't know that when he's snacking on budget bites, I'm in the garage dining on Meaty Bites (for the discerning dogue) - oh the joys of being a barker and having to be locked away at night.

Well, Roge always goes to the mail at this stage:


I found the most interesting site today.  My mistress is at work and I 
got on the net this morning.  I found a interactive site for dogs.  It 
is called "DROOL".  You can take a walk around Boston Massachusetts.  
There are many things for you to do.  Fetch a stick,chase a child, run 
and play.  I find this site a crude but good way to take a walk on my 
own.  I hope you both can get a chance to walk yourselves soon. I am
tired of always walking in the same direction and around the same fire
hydrants.  The same smells often bore me.

The site location is: 


Hope you enjoy the site.

Bark Soon,

P.S. I wonder if MIT accepts dogs in a under grad program?"

I had a look at the site - funny it's actually located at Master Craig's University. Not a lot of pictures - I'm very visually oriented (Roge is a bit more text-driven - hence his pathetic drawings). As for MIT - I'd be much more interested in doing an English Lit. degree at somewhere like Oxford. Unfortuately, Master Craig's rules about leaving the Compound here in Bathurst, Australia probably means that we'd be barred from hopping onto a flight to the UK (although Roge's library interest may have set a precedent that I can rely on).

Next, Master Craig passed on this to Roge from Master Fred:

"Craig Latham wrote:
> Master Fred
> Roge was very happy to receive the hulky writings of Shadow - he's
> replied already - I think he may have missed Shadow.
> Did you watch the Olympics (even if you didn't go there)?  One thing
> that annoyed me the whole time was that the captioned results were
> set on a small square background that appeared to have been chewed by
> a dog akin to Shadow - very unprofessional (I presume that it was
> also on your coverage since they were using somebody in the US).

Yes, I did watch a good bit of the Olympics, but I didn't 
notice the chewed caption results. Thanks to Shadow, 
everything in my world appears chewed, so it wouldn't have 
struck me as anything out of the ordinary....


All I can say is that Shadow must be doing something right.

Next to Bear and April:

"Well my master did it. Don had me fixed.  The vet put an Elizabethan 
collar on my neck so I wont lick the stitches.  What a pain.  I hope things 
get back to normal.  Sam may come over soon and see me.  My master will 
have our home page [kennel page] done by the end of August.  He took 
April and my pictures and said they are being made digital {small bites} 
so he can send our pictures to you. 

Have fun and dont bite the mail person.

Bear and April (The quiet one)"

What was broken?

Roge told me that when he was a whole lot younger he had to wear a bucket on his head (as a result of a chance meeting with a Rottweiler). I think it was only a flesh wound (although if a fang had penetrated Roge's skull, that would explain a few things). Anyway, Roger loves telling the story of running along a stormwater drain bobbing for water with his bucket. His favourite time seems to be when some children got scared at the sight of Roger the Space Dog and climbed the walls of the drain to escape.

I can't wait to grow a little older so that I can have some scary stories to tell.

Well, that's about it for now - remember to tell Master Craig if you'd prefer the wonderful Ellie Dogue-Dogue to write a little more often. See I can do better pictures than Roge:

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