126 September 13972

This week there is some exciting news - Mistress Liz put down Young Master Elliot in his new rocking chair/bed and left the room - well, Ellie just couldn't resist the all-over lick and Elliot screamed (a man of taste) - Master Craig gave Ellie the boot.

Some may ask why I just looked on, without stepping in.

Well, I was a little surprised at Ellie's audacity, but I'm also a firm believer in market forces - call me a Cansian - but I like to let market forces set the doggy boundaries.

Ellie decided she had a bit of market power - indeed, enough to allow an intimate lick of Elliot. The result - Master Craig showed her that she didn't have as much power as he has and Ellie was asked to leave the room, thereby giving a bigger share of the room to Roger Good-dog, Roger Trusty-dog.

The complex interplay of forces may be shown clearly in the following graph:


It's interesting to note that the curve is not assymptotic. The rate of change of room space to audacity is not constant.

What this means in practice is that a little audacity doesn't mean that you lose much room space, but go beyond a certain point and you suddenly start loosing a lot of room space.

I've marked the point of change with a cross. I call this point:

Master Craig Boiling Point ("MCBP")

The rationale is to stay as close as possible to the MCBP.

As you can see from the graph, Ellie has far exceeded the MCBP (she is actually in a gross MCBP action manoeuvre).

On the other hand, I am in an excess MCBP position (I should increase my audacity to approach MCBP).

I did try to increase my audacity - I went down the backyard and (after a roll in the dirt) changed into "Roger Brown-dog Conveyor of Evil". Unfortunately, when I tried to convey a little evil in Master Craig's direction, he got to the door first and locked it. I'm pretty good with doors - I can open a screen door with ease (normally), but sometimes Master Craig locks it and, without brute force, it is a real dilemma how to open it.

Well, that lets you into a few trade secrets.

As to matters more mundane, the weather here is really hotting up. Master Craig actually wore a loose-fitting short sleeve cotton shirt, a very fashionable pair of slacks and a remarkably 90's pair of sandles to work today. I was waiting for the socks to accompany the sandles, but Master Craig didn't go that far.

However, the sun certainly means stupid looks from Ellie - she hasn't learnt to cope properly with the heat yet. She lies in the sun for far too long then realises that she's got heat stroke and goes to the shade. Unfortunately she then wears a stupid grin until it all wears off.

On the other hand, I ration times in the sun so as to achieve a boiling point equilibrium position.

Well, to the mailbag!

This week, we received the following from Jan and Patrick:

"I keep coming back to your site - I've been telling my 3 dogs, Barnum, Bailey and Abbie, about Roge and Ellie. They now want to be on the web. My husband and I intend to add them to our web site as "our kids" - I read the frog section tonight - I love frogs - have collected frogs for 26 years - all kinds, made from all kinds of different materials - and got a red eyed tree frog tattoo on my right shoulder blade. It hurt a lot and I'll never get another...please give Roge and Ellie a big belly rub for me. I'll let you know when our site is completed."
Thanks for the mail - Master Craig did in fact give me a belly rub. I suggested to him that he should get a tattoo of me on him, but he didn't show much enthusiasm for it.

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