182 August 13972

A week has passed since Mistress Liz's and Ellie's baby came home. We've done a bit of grooming on bubs and, of course, both Ellie and I have exchanged saliva with little Elliot.

The baby does have a bit of a screaming problem, but apart from that he seems OK - it'll be good when I can take him for a walk (we'll be able to tunnel out together) - it'll be just like the 3 Mouseketeers - all for one and 1 bite each of Mickey! I must let you know that Ellie and I have caught another 2 mice since our last note - it's the next best thing for dogs to chewing gum - Master Craig says he won't let Ellie and I have either chewing gum or bubble gum - he says it makes us look like tarts (I really don't understand why chewing makes us look that way - it's a bit of an enigma).

Mistress Liz's parents are currently staying with us (on the premise that they are helping with Baby Elliot) - it appears to mean that Mistress Liz and Master Craig need to do double their work output - and also halve their walk effort. It is appearing to Ellie and I that our place in the Latham household may be diminishing - Baby is allowed inside, Baby is allowed on the lounge, Baby is allowed to lick Mistress Liz - we may have to set up another protest page to ensure we obtain equal rights to baby interlopers. I mustn't whinge too much - Master Craig did spend a lot of time with us this morning (although I suspect that that may be partly due at least to the pressures of remaining indoors with the in-laws). Funny thing, Master Craig was counting down the number of sleeps until the in-laws were to go (he was down to 2) when a misfortune overtook the in-law vehicle resulting in the count rising to a minimum of 4 with an open-ended maximum - I wanted Master Craig to have his blood pressure taken - I bet he could've hit an all-time high.

Anyway, Ellie and I are fairly safe out in the backyard (although due to the remaining lack of an internet connection, we still have to sneak inside for computer privileges).

Nevertheless, Ellie did get some quality time to do a drawing for what she calls her "balmy army" - Ellie seems to be of the opinion that webheads love her writing style and piccies. Anyway, to keep her happy, here's her latest:

I'm not sure what

I don't know what Ellie's getting at with the piccy, but it is at least colourful.

Now to some mail:

Dear Roger and Ellie,

It's so good to see some dogs have masters who don't take this internet thing too seriously. Mine could use some loosening up!

I'm Kimmie (full name Kimchi), a non-pedigree jack russell female (can't bring myself to use the b---- word, my mistress had a cow when her 16 year old son used it). I was named after a Korean rotten cabbage dish -- a bit like being called sauerkraut by a German or vegemite by an Australian. I am now 15 months old. I was a baby when I first came to live here.

I think that over the months I have trained my owners well -- I sleep inside, IN Sammy's bed now that the nights are cooler. In the summer, I slept on top of the sheets at his feet. When Sammy wakes up, he's always glad to see me and I can tell he likes having me sleep with him. When he goes to have his morning shower (his mother always says something about "smelly dogs", but she can't mean me -- I don't smell bad), I snuggle down under Nathan's blanket. When he wakes up about 15 to 30 minutes later (guess which boy is the teenager of the family), he is always glad to see me, too. He thinks I've been there all night! It's easy to keep these boys happy, just so long as Nathan doesn't trick me one day by getting up first.

Their mother is a computer fanatic, spending hours in front of the monitor, tapping away on the keyboard. She also talks on the phone a lot. She works from home and has a great office. I have her well trained -- she lets me sit on her lap as she works. That's where I am right now.

Time to wander off and check the boundaries -- I love running up and down the fences, chasing anything that moves on the other side.

See you at the Internet Awards Dinner -- my mistress has two (too serious) sites entered, too. I hope they serve small dog bones, with lots of gravy, and chocolate for dessert.

Chow now,


PS My mistress studied in Bathurst at the old Bathurst Teachers' College -- that'll give you some idea as to how old she is. Sammy is always calling her "Old Gal" -- it's obvious why.

Well, it's nice to hear from you Kimmie. All I can say is keep up the good bed work - it sounds like you're on a winner there.

Bear writing.

Here I am sitting next to my master Don telling what to say. Feeling a lot better too and expect to feel much better Tuesday when I get my stitches out and this stupid color off. My master and his son Chris were on vacation this past week. They went fishing but wouldnt take me. I like to swim and get wet. The fun part is getting everyone nearby wet when I get out and shake. I liked your story about the Rottweiler - we have one in our neighborhood too. He is kept in a fenced yard. I counted and there are 14 dogs where I live. Most of them are girls.

Bye for now Bear.

I'm actually not that fond of Rottweilers since "the incident" - even so, I went back to play - Master Craig wasn't very happy - he wanted to bite the Rottweiler's master - after that time, Master Craig always goes on walks with Ellie and I with a walking stick. Poor Rocky - that was a dog near our last place - Rocky had a few personal problems - Turet's Syndrome (which for a dog is a real problem since sufferers excessively sniff (which is a real distraction for a dog) and bark obscenities), attention deficit syndrome and an overbite. When those problems are wound up in the form of a bull terrier whose master praises aggression and is willing to sacrifice a few passers-by for the sake of Rocky's personal space on the street, trouble can only result.... Well, I was happy to meet Rocky on his own terms, but Master Craig hates vets bills, so when little Rocky latched onto me Master Craig used his stick on little Rocky - Rocky now also has a limp to add to his burgeoning personal problems (Master Craig received some praises from some of Rocky's closest neighbours). Actually the last time I met a dog nasty in Bathurst, Mistress Liz refused to give Master Craig his walking stick (she didn't seem to care for Ellie's and my health) - it does hurt a little to have a Lassie attached to your head (both physically and to one's self-esteem) - luckily, Master Craig wears size 13 walking boots.

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