Me and some wacky friends

How to bark at Roger and Ellie

As I've already said, we don't have our own email etc., but please label anything clearly with Rogernald Dogue or Elanor Dogue-Dogue (write that it is "confidential" if you don't want nosey Master Craig to read it first). We also have our own mailing list (to let you know of new diary notes and share in some things just too racey for the net) - so make sure you join the list. You can contact us as follows:

The road route

Master Craig
School of Accounting,
Faculty of Commerce,
Charles Sturt University,
Panorama Avenue, Bathurst
New South Wales, Australia, 2795

The electronic route

Homepage: Master Craig's visitors' book.
Telephone: +61 63 38 4320
Facsimile: +61 63 38 4405

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