The page of protest

This page is dedicated to the supporters of Roger and Ellie in their fight against Mistress Liz's technologically oppressive conduct - Roger and Ellie shall have their backyard internet connection!

The story to date is that Roger and Ellie have requested that they have an internet connection in their yard. Mistress Liz (Master Craig's master) has (to date) refused their valid pleadings. Roger and Ellie do not ask for much, but they demand equal access to technology.

Accordingly, Roger and Ellie request that you turn your pages white in protest and explain on your page why it is white (if you have a reason for supporting us by having, say, a green page etc. let us know your reason and we'll list you as a supporter as well).

The following people and animals have turned their screens white in continuing support for the subjugated Roger and Ellie:

The Big Scary Housewife from the Suburbs - a white protest
Jen - a green and white protest
Matty - a white protest
Mocha - a decidely doggy protest
Can I keep him? - well, why not?
Scruffy - if you can't believe a dog, who can you believe?
Master Craig - a white protest

If you want to fight the good fight, drop us a line and we'll add you to the list (if you don't have a page but would still like to protest feel free to drop us a line and we'll at least add your name and email address).

or if you persist in using a browser other than one that supports forms, click here => .

If you want to know more about Roger and Ellie, push the button:

or if you persist in using a browser other than one that supports forms, click here => .

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