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This site has been included as one of:

Unfortunately, due to the brilliant nature of this site (and despite my constant whinings about cool, funky or otherwise dandy sites), this page has been chosen as an Australian Cool Site. However, on a worldwide scale, I consider that this page is not in the top 5%, nor is it cool, funky or otherwise dandy. Hence, its bottom 95% status should remain untarnished and unaffected in every way by its simultaneous cool site status:

AAA logo

This is much more like it - Puppy's pick for December 13 1995:

a surfing dog

Oh, oh, I got a Harcourt Brace Top 5 award on 15 January 1996 (how do I justify this?) - I justify this prestigious award on the basis that it is a tax award - so apart from my tax pages (which are very good) this site is not very good at all:

a very prestigious award logo

As at 8 February 1996, things are looking a bit better - Starr Lyn has given me the following award not because she thought I have good graphics or great links, but because she thinks that I am a "special person" and that I should remember that "someone out there think's I'm a Diamond" - so I can be bottom 95% and actually be appreciated:

a diamond

Then, The Somewhat Amusing World of Frogs was reviewed (on 9 February 1996) by WSU

Things are really moving now - I'm part of the February 1996 Australian special feature of Bizarre Bazaar:


I'm a bit scared about International Mullet Day (February 14) - I just hope that my new hairstyle will meet with the approval of the Wahl Awardees, including Ash (chief Mullet), so that Ash and I may be reunited in hirsute bliss:

My new haircut

Guess what. I WON! I received the The "Spread the Word" Award! So I may now proudly display my Wahl:

My Wahl

And not only that I got it from the Macgyver man himself (who looked simply swish sporting his own mullet):


Here's the full text of my acceptance speech:

"I'd like to thank all those involved in the Wahl's for their time and appreciation of my meagre efforts.

I must say that before coming into contact with Ashley, I was involved in substance abuse to escape my troubled and meaningless life - unfortunately, the substance I chose was lime jelly and the stains it has produced on my T-shirts just can't be lifted.

But that has all changed now - since Ash and the Wahls - I've been able to put my life back together, cease my substance abuse and improve my homepage.

I feel that with my Mullet and the Wahl award I can go anywhere (excepting prestigious restaurants, of course).

I'd like to reinforce to the the young people out there - our future lies with you. Don't view a mullet as just another fashion accessory - see it as a lifestyle... Wear your mullet with pride, understand what it means and spread the word whenever possible. Our world is falling apart - but the mullet can unite - in fact, it has united people in many stages of history - not to mention the tempestuous world of country music.

I'd like to encourage everybody to now give a hearty "Hair-hair" for the Mullet team."

The crowd then rose to their feet and gave the cheer - more than one tear was cast - and the crowd launched into a rousing rendition of "Land of Hope and Glory" which lasted for some minutes.

My dogs are becoming famous. They report as follows:

"On 161 February 13972, we received the award of "Random Silliness" from the and our friend Cathie."

The CEA is The Centre for the Easily Amused.

On 26 February 1996, my site was recognised as another source of uselessness by the Useless WWW Page people themselves:

On 23 April 1996, in the technology section of The Age (an Australian newspaper), The Somewhat Amusing World of Frogs was reviewed. The reviewer (Jed Bowtell) said:

"From the mind of the man who brought us The Bottom 95% of all sites comes The Somewhat Amusing World of Frogs, a page that offers numerous interesting facts about frogs and tadpoles."

OOPS, someone reported me to the Point Police and on 20 May 1996, my Somewhat Amusing World of Frogs was awarded the Point Top 5% award (although I still prefer my bottom 95% award):

The Mildly Amusing World of Coffee was well-received by

Rogernald Dogue and Elanor Dogue-Dogue are pushing on from success to success with their "Dogworld". This time they received the Housernet Homepage of the Week (starting 17 June 1996):

They were quite pleased that they were described as "hilarious, captivating, and original", despite not even having a pedigree.

The July 1996 edition of the Australian magazine "Personal Investment" featured a review of Tax on Australia.

The Somewhat Amusing World of Frogs was recognised as a:

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