Dramatis Personae Portfoliotum

Rex Petra

I believe strongly in the need for all individuals to strenuously seek the truth in all matters. If it is not for the truth, we only have lies.

Remember that lies spelt backwards is "seil" which is the closest English word to "seigniory" which means the exercise of lordship over conquered masses. If we don't have the truth, we're left with seil.

I am currently working as an international telecommunications consultant, specialising in telephone handpiece cleanliness. I have a professional interest in the maintenance of CPBM ("Commercial Photosynthetic Bio-Matter").

I also enjoy warm bubbly baths and spending cold nights at home curled up in front of a warm fire with a good book on anti-personnel militaria.

Tory U. Schisks

Dr Schisks is a Visiting Professor at Henry Ford College, NYC.

Dr. Schisks holds a bachelor in history from Instituto Cosi Fan Tuti, Rome Italy, a Masters in History from Lazlo Toth College, Colombia University and a Phd from Lasalle-Barber Institute in Oregon. He also hold a masters in anthropolgy from the Sorbonne in Paris.

Early in his career, Dr. Schisks became interested in the exploration and discovery of America when he became lost on the Long Island Expressway in New York. He eventually did find his exit and immediately set out to write his first treatment of the history called: The history, philately and gestalt of American Exploration, a tale told by an idiot. His forthcoming book: Columbus Shmulumbus, lists 399 reasons why Columbus could not have discovered America.