very nice compass So, what do I believe?

A lot of people think that faith is a very personal matter. The problem is that at least in my view it is a matter of life and death. So I often like to tell people what I believe. In this page, I attempt to let you know what I actually believe in and why.

Christianity isn't a straightforward matter, but the principle beliefs may be summarised clearly. As a very short summary of my beliefs have a look at the Nicene Creed (a generally accepted summary of Christian belief) together with my very important addendum.

Although the Nicene Creed is a good summary, have a look at some more in-depth (but still "light") information in 2 ways to live.

The Nicene Creed and the 2 Ways to Live summaries of the Christian message are all very good. But, when I look at the claims of Christianity, I think that you need more. Something that demands a personal response needs real proof. A good place to start is with the question of Who is Jesus? But there are just so many more questions to be answered!

Of course, if you have any queries about any of the information I've presented here, please feel free to email me. Or, you may even like to do some Christian websurfing:

Don't forget to check out my Christian jokes and have a listen to my last sermon (and read its handout).

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