So, it appears that Jesus was not a liar. Then, is he a lunatic - deceived into thinking he was something that he wasn't?

If Jesus thought he was God (and wasn't), then He is like any person who thinks that they are, say, Satan, Hitler or Elvis (assuming Elvis is actually dead!).

But, Jesus does not seem to exhibit the behaviour of a madman. He teaches with authority, He deals with people caringly and His thoughts are well constructed and consistent.

There is also the problem of His disciples. If Jesus was mad and had merely led His disciples astray, you'd expect that when he died, the sect would collapse. In fact, following Jesus' death, the followers were in disarray. However, something strange happened. From their disarray, they suddenly became united and focussed. It is at this time that the Bible says that Jesus returned from the dead and fired up His followers.

So, if Jesus wasn't a liar and a lunatic, what was He?