Nic Dalton extended interview (8 February 2001)

Love PositionsInto your arms
LemonheadsInto your arms
LemonheadsPaid to smile
GodstarDays gone by
LemonheadsThe outdoor type
SmudgeThe outdoor type
SneezeAutumnal eyes
GodstarAutumnal eyes
HummingbirdsWord gets around
Nic DaltonSleepwalk
Nic DaltonWord gets around
The PlunderersCheerleader
Nic's top 5 songs as a kid:
  1. The Velvet Underground - Over you
  2. Buffalo Springfield - Out of my mind
  3. Steve Miller - I love you
  4. Nick Lowe - American Squirm
  5. Devo - Mongoloid
GodstarSeeing stars

Love Positions, Godstar, Smudge, Sneeze, Nic Dalton, The Plunderers and many more Nic Dalton incarnations are available on Half a Cow and are well worth checking out!