Tonjip, Toupee artists and a whole lotta Aussie and kiwi - welcome back to the students and APRA week (15 February 2001)

Tonjip Beautifulself-titledToupee Records
Tonjip Electromaticself-titledToupee Records
Tonjip Ifself-titledToupee Records
TonjipTonjipAll that glittersToupee Records
Tonjip Hide me awayself-titledToupee Records
Tonjip Spongeself-titledToupee Records
The CureJust like heavenKiss me kiss me kiss meWEA
Dinosaur JrJust like heavensingleBlast First
KnievelDon't explainThe name rings a bell that drowns out your voiceQuietly Suburban
Pedro the LionBig trucksIt's hard to find a friendMade in Mexico
DelorisCreeping JesusThe pointless giftQuietly Suburban
KnievelEnd of tryingThe name rings a bell that drowns out your voiceQuietly Suburban
TonjipHole in my shoeself-titledToupee Records
TonjipStrangleholdself-titledToupee Records
TonjipHow many timesself-titledToupee Records
The Amazing Joel Hockey Movement1.5/3 aint badRubbish day on Cromwell StreetToupee Records
TonjipSpineself-titledToupee Records
TonjipSunchaserself-titledToupee Records
Elementary PenguinDa FunkhatersNo. 1 with a bulletToupee Records
Battered FishWishModernToupee Records
BeanbagObliviantGuttersnipeToupee Records
HuuperconAbsorbedself-titledToupee Records
DumpsterSet in goldSee through me...Toupee Records
TonjipDeeperAll that glittersToupee Records
The PlunderersChristoBanana Smoothie HoneyHalf a Cow
GodstarPushpinCoastalHalf a Cow
BrowningThis place was to be a hearthAstride the shadowlineLuminous Records
Registered NurseDeutsche FrauleinStrippersPharmacy Records
Robert CooperBrilliant feelingself-titledLibrary Records
YakspitBreakfast radio (wake up)singleWarners
Ides of SpaceArthur's carFirst translated in 1965Quietly Suburban
Little GeneralGrazing defies adviceself-titledWay over there
El MopaThe singleGet behindQuietly Suburban
Nick Conolly196Black & white tv with the sound turned lowBig rig records
Braving the SeabedTonight is for sleepingself-titledSunseasky
SandroHere I will remainThe fluxself-release
Sea Life ParkAcrachartself-titledQuietly Suburban
Fang Employee of the monthOrigin of the species Arch Hill
The CannanesLast resort Living the DreamChapter
AtticusThe conductorHits from the boxAristotle's box
FurtherInfinite SpacesingleComrade records
Jim DeadLove in the cupboard13 songs by Jim Deadself-release
LankyClose toWait Arch Hill