N o t h i n g   H a p p e n i n g

Screamfeeder with Tim Steward (Part II) and The Sacred Cowboys with Garry Gray (27 October 2003)

Elliott Smith - Sweet Adeline (XO, Dreamworks)

Screamfeeder - I've got the knife (Take you apart, Rhythm Ace)

Screamfeeder - I don't know what to do any more (Take you apart, Rhythm Ace)

Screamfeeder - You and me (Take you apart, Rhythm Ace)

The Sacred Cowboys - Nothing grows in Texas (independent)

The Sacred Cowboys - On Broadway (independent)

The Sacred Cowboys - Bangkok (independent)

The Sacred Cowboys - I am the walrus (independent)

The Sacred Cowboys - Hell sucks (independent)

The Sacred Cowboys - Trouble from Providence (independent)

The Sacred Cowboys - Cold harvest (independent)

The Sacred Cowboys - We love you (independent)

Yo La Tengo - Today is the day (Today is the day, Matador)

Yo La Tengo - Outsmartener (Today is the day, Matador)

The Wisdom of Harry - Tangled man (Torch Division, Matador)

The Wisdom of Harry - Sports boy (Torch Division, Matador)

Spencer Tracy - Capsize (single, MGM)

Bluebottle Kiss - Scouthall (Come across, Nonzero)

Halogen - Parade (Save the ones you love, Karmic Hit)

Youth Group - Shadowland (single, Slanted Records)

Sleepy Township - Morning (Library Records 1998-2003, Library Records)

Robert Cooper - If in doubt (Library Records 1998-2003, Library Records)

Sweet William - Fedora (Library Records 1998-2003, Library Records)

Pencil Tin - An open return (Library Records 1998-2003, Library Records)

Bart & Friends - Hounds of love (Library Records 1998-2003, Library Records)

Via Tania - I dream again (Under a different sky, Trifekta)