N o t h i n g   H a p p e n i n g

Jaz's last hurrah (30 January 2004)

Sneeze - If it's catchy, it means you stole it (single, Half a Cow Records)

Paul Westerberg - Dirty Diesel (Come feel me tremble, Vagrant)

Paul Westerberg - Making me go (Come feel me tremble, Vagrant)

Paul Westerberg - Soldier of misfortune (Come feel me tremble, Vagrant)

Paul Westerberg - My daydream (Come feel me tremble, Vagrant)

The Basics - Lovin' man (Get back, independent)

The Basics - What have you done? (Get back, independent)

The Basics - Can you trust me? (Get back, independent)

The Basics - She's gonna b. late (Get back, independent)

The Pictures - Heavy daze (Playing favourites, Illustrious Artists)

The Dirtbombs - Walk on jagged air (Playing favourites, Illustrious Artists)

Sciflyer - Letting go of everything (Fair weather karma, Clairecords)

Blessington - I'm feeling troubled now (s/t, independent)

Blessington - You've been walking in the rain (s/t, independent)

Fletch - Peach in a pickle (Peach in a pickle, Tonal Gap)

Deloris - The unbroke part of it (s/t, independent)

Gersey - The floor came up to caress me (Bewilderment is a blessing, independent)

Swirl - The last unicorn (The last unicorn, Half a Cow)

The Church - Louisiana (Hologram of Baal, Festival)

Things of Stone & Wood - Happy birthday Helen (single, independent)

The Dearhunters - Ivy (Red, wine and blue, Candle Records)

Peregrine - Three cheers for Gordon (Happy heart attack, Shock)

GB3 - Lights turn green (Circlework, Rubber Records)

Paul Kelly - The oldest story in the book (Ways & means, Capitol Records)

Angie Hart - Blue (single, EMI)