Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue - Part II (29 March 2001)

Band - Song (Album, Label)
Bernie Hayes - Your green light (s/t EP, Half a Cow)

Bernie Hayes - Intermission (s/t EP, Half a Cow)

Yakspit - Breakfast radio (wake up) (Breakfast radio (wake up) EP, Warner)

Gorgeous - Wind speaks (More, Aristotle's Box)

Dan Brodie - Hurricane (single, EMI)

Youth Group - How will I explain this to my parents? (Guilty single, Modular)

Damien Binder - Good as gone (s/t, Marital Music)

Splitter - God only knows (Stereo Happiness, Marital Music)

Teenage Fanclub - I need direction (Howdy, Columbia)

Four Gods - Enchanted house (Amateurism, Chapter Music)

Four Gods - Restless (Amateurism, Chapter Music)

Go Betweens - Hold your horses (Send me a lullaby, Beggars Banquet)

Abdoujaparov - Nazi Girl (Just shut up, Pop Gun Records)

Abdoujaparov - Nazi Girl (live) (Just shut up, Pop Gun Records)

Sodastream - West 45th (Pacific Highway, Library Records)

Bart & friends - Lax (Pacific Highway, Library Records)

Sleepy Township - UFO (Pacific Highway, Library Records)

Panel of Judges - Here it isn't (Pacific Highway, Library Records)

Heligoland - Lo scavo (Heligoland EP, self release)

Heligoland - Kuro (Heligoland EP, self release)

Heligoland - Effortlessly (Heligoland EP, self release)

The Kingsbury Manx - Pageant Square (s/t, Overcoat Recordings)