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101 Greatest Australian bands of the 90's (101-66) (30 December 2005)

The Robot Ate Me - Just one girl (Intro summer 2006, Popfrenzy Records)

Acid House Kings - Do what you wanna do (Intro summer 2006, Popfrenzy Records)

The Legends - He knows the sun (Intro summer 2006, Popfrenzy Records)

Jeff Hanson - Now we know (Intro summer 2006, Popfrenzy Records)

The Clientele - Since K got me (Intro summer 2006, Popfrenzy Records)

101. Ron - Sleepers (Later..., independent)

100. Bucket - Muddle (Muddle, Treadmill)

99. Atticus - Smart casual (Adequate, Oracle Records)

98. Richard Davies - Transcontinental (There's never been a crowd like this, Summershine)

97. Chris Chapple - Good intentions (It's a wonderful life, Cruel But Fair Recordings)

96. Four Horse Town - Barnyard Disco (A horse by any other name, Junction Records)

95. Glovebox - Cornflake conflict (Umbrella, Half a Cow Records)

94. Hoolahan - Drag (King autumn, Ivy League)

93. Fifty One Monday - No time to sit around (The Rorschach Test, The Satellite Recording Company)

92. Dollop - Hair (Deflator, White)

91. Thermos Cardy - Come to where the flavour is (Come to where the flavour is, House of Wax)

90. Ancient Marinators - I'm not in love (Mullet, Full Mullet Records)

89. Battered Fish - New tragedy (Modern, Toupee Records)

88. Anodyne 500 - Good as gold (Treasure way, Halflight)

87. Driving Past - Lonesome figure (Real Estate, Chapter Music)

86. Carton - I can't win (Pin cushions and cactus butts, Half a Cow Records)

85. The Apartments - Breakdown in Vera Cruz (Apart, Hot)

84. Acuff's Rose - Cold country blues (Never coming down, Torn & Frayed)

83. Far Out Corporation - Don't blame the beam (s/t, Polydor)

82. S:Bahn - North Sea clean (North Sea clean, independent)

81. Love & Death - You on me (Can-opened mind, Camera Obscura)

80. Fragile - Anticipation (s/t, Humble Pie Recordings)

79. Half Miler - Almost involuntary (Crunchtime in Rocketown, Antfarm Records)

78. Hot Rollers - Wickerman shoes (s/t, Polydor)

77. John Reed Club - Stamp duty (Death metal, EMI)

76. The Remotes - Time has never really mattered for us until now (Lonely tremor, BBQ'd Browne)

75. Hippy Dribble - Cheerleader (Silver apples, Half a Cow Records)

74. Noise Addict - 16 (Meet the real you, Fellaheen)

73. Pollen - Million destinations (The glorious couch life, independent)

72. Pencil Tin - Friday (A gentle hand to guide you along, The Bus Stop Label)

71. Turnstyle - Purple crown (single, Fiido)

70. The Reels - Bad moon rising (Requiem, Festival Records)

69. Not Drowning Waving - Willow tree (Claim, AAD)

68. Dave Graney with the Coral Snakes - I'm gonna release your soul (You wanna be there but you don't wanna travel, Id)

67. Mick Harvey - Initials B.B. (Intoxicated man, Liberation)

66. Tendrils - Soaking red (Soaking red, Half a Cow Records)