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101 Greatest Australian bands of the 90's (38-1) (6 January 2006)

38. Even - Stop and go man (The street press years, Rubber Records)

37. Ratcat - Tingles (Blind love, RooArt)

36. The Lucksmiths - The Tichborne claimant (The green bicycle case, Candle Records)

35. Golden Rough - This sad paradise (This sad paradise, Candle Records)

34. Grant McLennan - Surround me (single, White)

33. Nic Dalton - Kensington (Romolo, Half a Cow Records)

32. Died Pretty - Battle of Stanmore (Doughboy hollow, Blue Mosque)

31. The Tigers - The tinsel stage (Death from above, independent)

30. The Plunderers - Christo (Banana smoothie honey, Half a Cow Records)

29. Ammonia - Suzi Q (Mint 400, Murmur)

28. Sleepy Township - All these records (Set sail, Chapter Music)

27. Sandro - Israel girl (Hate songs, Brass Companion)

26. Bluetile Lounge - Shifty (Half Cut, Brass Companion)

25. Pollyanna - Lemonsuck (Long Player, Bark)

24. Crow - A broken machine (single, BMG)

23. El Mopa - The single (Get behind, Quietly Suburban Recordings)

22. Icecream Hands - Dodgy (single, Rubber Records)

21. Glide - Why you asking (Open up & croon, The Hypnotized Label)

20. The Blackeyed Susans - Smokin' Johnny Cash (Spin the bottle, Hi Gloss Records)

19. Deloris - Sundays (Fraulein, Halflight)

18. Sidewinder - Day after day (The gentle art of spoonbending, Half a Cow Records)

17. Custard - Sunset strip (single, Ra Records)

16. The Hummingbirds - Two weeks with a good man in Niagara Falls (Greatest hits, BMG)

15. Smudge - Ingrown (slight return) (Slight return, Half a Cow Records)

14. Big Heavy Stuff - Devil's tongue (single, Ivy League)

13. Bluebottle Kiss - Girl genius (Girl genius, Citadel)

12. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Into my arms (The boatman's call, Liberation)

11. Youth Group - Interface (single, Ivy League)

10. Machine Translations - Holiday in Spain (Holiday in Spain, Way Over There)

9. Screamfeeder - Fingers + toes (Burn out your name, Survival)

8. The Clouds - Say it (Octopus, Red Eye Records)

7. Drop City - Setting sun (Magic transistor radio, Polydor)

6. Sandpit - Along the moors (On second thought, Fellaheen)

5. Gaslight Radio - Take the ring (Hitch on the leaves, Mushroom Music)

4. Underground Lovers - Va va va va (Dream it down, Polydor)

3. Art of Fighting - Empty nights (Empty nights, Half a Cow Records)

2. You Am I - High chair (Goddamn, Timberyard Records)

1. Knievel - Something good must come (Steep hill climb, Treadmill)

Nic Dalton - Take the easy way out (Romolo, Half a Cow Records)