N o t h i n g   H a p p e n i n g

Indiegazing with Peter Krbavac (27 January 2006)

Collapsing Cities - 27 cups & 10,000 stolen pens (single, independent)

Spa - Neil of Diamonds (s/t, independent)

Spa - Beautiful punk (s/t, independent)

Spa - Growing up (s/t, independent)

Spa - Sunshines (s/t, independent)

Spa - Yale (s/t, independent)

Spa - Rollerskater girl (s/t, independent)

Spa - Problems (s/t, independent)

Spa - Nuns with nasty habits (s/t, independent)

Spa - Daisy (s/t, independent)

Superchunk - Becoming a speck (Cup of sand, Trifekta)

Shout Out Louds - Hurry up let's go (Howl howl gaff gaff, Capitol)

Iron On - The safety (Oh the romance, Reverberation)

Screamfeeder - Planet matador (Rocks on the soul, The Hypnotized Label)

Dappled Cities Fly - Make you happy (A smile, Smash Music)

Purplene - Love: western (s/t, Quietly Suburban Recordings)

Purplene - Aun doorback (Songs from the marketplace, Quietly Suburban Recordings)

Purplene - The warm hand (Ruining it for everybody, Quietly Suburban Recordings)

Sounds Like Sunset - It's my star (Invisible, Architecture)

Ride - Vapour trail (Nowhere, Sire)

Zillions - Raincoat girlz (Zig zag zillionaire, Speak n Spell)

Something For Kate - Roll credit (single, Murmur)

Architecture In Helsinki - Kindling (Kindling, Trifekta)

The Lucksmiths - There is a boy that never goes out (Naturaliste, Candle Records)

The Smiths - There is a light that never goes out (The queen is dead, WEA)

Life Without Buildings - Let's get out (Any other city, Trifekta)

Sodastream - Looking back (Take me with you when you go, Trifekta)

Nick Drake - From the morning (Pink moon, Island Records)

Superchunk - 1,000 pounds (Duck Kee style) (Cup of Sand, Trifekta)

The Magic Numbers - Sing a song for you (Dream brother, Rogue Rcrds)

Micah P. Hinson - Yard of blond girls (Dream brother, Rogue Rcrds)

Sufjan Stevens - She is (Dream brother, Rogue Rcrds)

King Creosote - Grace (Dream brother, Rogue Rcrds)

The Earlies - I must have been blind (Dream brother, Rogue Rcrds)

Salon Kingsadore - Theme from SK (Flaming Morrione, independent)

Salon Kingsadore - Rolling backwards (Flaming Morrione, independent)

Salon Kingsadore - Whiplash (Flaming Morrione, independent)

Prefab Sprout - Farmyard cat (The gunman and other stories, EMI)