N o t h i n g   H a p p e n i n g

G.W.McLennan RIP (12 May 2006)

Popolice - Introduction (Forceback, Jacanna Records)

Popolice - Closer now (Forceback, Jacanna Records)

Popolice - Never forget you (Forceback, Jacanna Records)

Popolice - Forceback (Forceback, Jacanna Records)

Popolice - Be like me (Forceback, Jacanna Records)

Popolice - Paranoid again (Forceback, Jacanna Records)

Faith in Plastic - Hate to say it (The Arctic Market, Qstik)

Faith in Plastic - Fluoro light concerto (The Arctic Market, Qstik)

Faith in Plastic - Little Miss Guided (The Arctic Market, Qstik)

Midlake - Young bride (single, Etch n Sketch)

Gotye - Like drawing blood (Like drawing blood, independent)

Gotye - The only way (Like drawing blood, independent)

Gotye - Thanks for your time (Like drawing blood, independent)

Gotye - Learnalilgivinanlovin (Like drawing blood, independent)

Gotye - Night drive (Like drawing blood, independent)

Gotye - Worn out blues (Like drawing blood, independent)

Dom Mariani - I never thought I'd find (Shell collection, Off the Hip)

Dom Mariani - Pussycat (Shell collection, Off the Hip)

Dom Mariani - Caroline, no (Shell collection, Off the Hip)

Dom Mariani - When it ends (acoustic) (Shell collection, Off the Hip)

Sodastream - Michelle's cabin (Reservations, Trifekta)

Sodastream - Firelines (Reservations, Trifekta)

Sodastream - Reservations (Reservations, Trifekta)

Sodastream - Don't make a scene (Reservations, Trifekta)

Sodastream - Young and able (Reservations, Trifekta)

Colour TV - Sore (Lisp, independent)

Colour TV - She's so ordinary (Lisp, independent)

G.W. McLennan - When word gets around (Watershed, White Label)

G.W. McLennan - Haven't I been a fool (Watershed, White Label)

G.W. McLennan - Haunted house (Watershed, White Label)

G.W. McLennan - Stones for you (Watershed, White Label)

G.W. McLennan - Easy come easy go (Watershed, White Label)

G.W. McLennan - Black mule (Watershed, White Label)

G.W. McLennan - Putting the wheels back on (Watershed, White Label)